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  7. hi... havent spoken to you in a while... sorry for signing off last night marduk...i dont know what happened.. ive had this picture for a while.. and i was thinking about everyone on here today.. so i decided to post it.. sorry if it is a repost.. but i dont think you have seen this one before.. maybe you have.. it goes along with other sets of pictures i hope everything is having a great summer.. http://img137.echo.cx/my.php?image=345342yw.jpg
  8. i think he is kind of sexy... maybe a little... how many years does he have? does anyone know?
  9. i was starting to design my own apartment and i looking through fashion pictures online and i randomly came across this picture and thought about you guys sorry it is so small.. but at leasts its adriana lima...
  10. hinting that i spent halloween with them? i was not hinting at anything.. if i spent halloween with thme i would say it... and i never said it was on my camera.. of course it is on fotolog.. i had fotolog when i was in brasil.. everyone has fotolog from brasil... and i never said any picture was from my camera... and fotolog is not the only place there is photoblog too.. that is a little more american.. but i had account on there and cintia did too.. and i believe schynaider has two on photoblog.. and some one made one for her on fotolog and then she has one herself.. im not best friends with them... i have been them several times...cintia more... and i never said a photo was from my camera.. i dont have a camera.. sebastian and steffanny do.. and almost all my friends have digital cameras but i dont.. im not very good with tecnology... sorry if i was misleading.. i did not mean to be they both arent from Salvador anyway... but i see them and other brasilians a lot at Cain, NA, Butter, Suede, PM and Marquee at night.. when i go out with my best friends--they arent from brasil--steffanny, olivia, julia, britney, whitney (wilhelmina models) etc ... anyroad.. when i got out with some of my best friends i see them i talk we talk a little... but, more importantly, i didnt mean to mislead anyone.. sorry if i did..
  11. Brasil816

    I Am...

    up doing work.. since 4:20 AM.. its 5:33
  12. and this is the famous pooh bear.. all us girls from brasil love him http://img257.echo.cx/my.php?image=poohbearfoto115cr.jpg
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