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  1. I wonder what you think about Detective Picschu? Will you be seeing it?

    1. ILUVAdrianaLima


      When I heard Ryan Reynolds voice coming out of Pikachu's character, that alone had me cracking up and wanting to see it based on that sole factor :rofl: I'm actually interested in seeing it as it looks quite decent considering it's Pokemon of all things :p

    2. CandleVixen


      Ah hah! I thought you would. :yes:


      I’d like to see it, I’m just not sure when.

  2. Happy Birthday! I saw your post on the vsfs thread. Hope it is a great year for you! 

  3. Hi Clauds, how's it going? 

    I wanted to ask you what you thought of Iskra being picked for the new Aerie Real campaign? She's the spokesmodel. 

    1. Clauds


      I like Iskra alright, and I think it's cool brands like Aerie are starting to be more open and diverse with their model choices. I haven't seen her in interviews so IDK how much of a great of a spokesperson she is but I think the pictures are good.


      I thnk Iskra has a chance of being the next Crystal/Robyn/Ashley and become a "plus-size" model to break it into mainstream.

    2. CandleVixen


      She's got a cutely sweet English accent, and she is really nice and kind. She's my new girl crush I think. 

  4. I miss Indy.

    1. Cult Icon

      Cult Icon

      Sorry to hear jo. But it'll pass.

    2. CandleVixen


      Thanks. I know it will. It just kills you until it does.

  5. thanks for the birthday wishes! 5 Stars to you!

  6. Thanks! It's one I've used for years from a movie I adore. Then I discovered that it is a zen statement just made it more cool. I like the pumped up squirrel avi too!

  7. Hi back to you. Thank you for the stars. =)

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