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  1. thank you for wishing my bday to me. i haven't oppend BZ for a long time these days i saw it

  2. thanks for wishing me my bday (K)(K)

  3. thanks pinky

    happy happy new year too and of course mery christmas :P

    best wishes, chick style

  4. happy birthday

  5. greece is a beautiful palce :p

    unlucky? why ?

  6. where have you been in vacations ?

  7. cool..

    it was great ..was in Albania.. had a good time :p ..

    and you ??


  8. hey alexis :hug:

    i just saw the coment..

    im good just came home.. was at a cousen.. how are you ? how you been ?

  9. happy brithday

    have alot of fun :hug:

  10. happy brithday

    have fun :hug:

  11. hey

    happy brithday

    have alot of fun :hug:

  12. happy birthday ..

    have alot of fun :hug:

  13. happy b`day nick.. have alot of fun

  14. i like bryan adams alot ..

    do you like him?

  15. hey bou ..

    havent talk to you for a while.

    how are you..?

  16. I'm good.. but I'm so bored :S ..

    who's your fav singer?

  17. hi!!

    how are you ?

  18. thats great :P

  19. hello

    great you ?

  20. i'm good ..

    nah im not on holiday finished them about 3 or 4 weeks ago .. but these to weeks i've been painting in school .. its ok

    what about you .. how you been ? where are you now in US or HK ?

  21. happy birthday :P ..

    i wish you all the best :hug:

  22. you are welcome :hug: it was my pleasure ..

    did you have a good time ?

  23. i think we are gonna do it next 2weeks . .cant wait :P ..

    what did you do these days ?

  24. im good thanks.. :P

    and you? ?

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