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  1. please, no one knows? maybe her topic already exists here?
  2. please guys, if anyone knows the name I only know she works for Revolve Clothing thanks in advance!
  3. sorry if repost, I haven't checked the thread for quite a long time.. anyway she looks so cute on these pics
  4. thanks a lot, the model was id-ed, so the thread can be closed.
  5. in past she has done catalogue work for asos, littlewoods, very, additions direct, lipsy, saks 5th avenue, nordstrom, and river island. thanks a lot! though I guess it'll be quite hard to find smth
  6. thanks for HQ's, haven't seen them before guys, one question: maybe someone knows other sites(besides ASOS &Littlewoods) Jamie's modeling for? thanks in advance
  7. some of those are in here already. The black and white ones are from Huggy Ruggartson sp? alot of this thread is repeated pics. if your going to post in this thread alot i would search through it so you don't duplicate post. ok, so if I got you right there're some new photos in my post, right?
  8. sorry if these are reposts, but it seems to me that they haven't been posted
  9. Ana Beatriz Barros Fan, thanks a lot for the pics
  10. he's really very cute and good-looking it would be nice if someone posts more photos of her, such beauty shouldn't be hidden
  11. She is working for ASOS, that's all that I know. Please, guys, maybe somebody knows: http://www.asos.com/Asos/Asos-Ponte-Skirt-...lr=Black%2fPink http://www.asos.com/Oasis/Oasis-Leopard-Wo...-1&clr=Grey
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