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  1. penny penny penny penny penny penny penny penny penny penny who's that on those nudie pics you just posted penny?
  2. wee, that Volodina pic on the page before this is awesome ^^ and yes I'm alive...had some "minor" issues with my computer...all sorted out now though (bought new computer)
  3. -.- been absent again anyhow, excellent pics again penny and others ^^ cheers
  4. penny, I haven't been able to get on bellazon for like week or so untill last weekend..It was rather weird cause every other site worked just fine:P but yea, I'm back now ^^ and the redhead is frickin hot (redheads <3)
  5. oh my..I've missed this place and this thread in particular...was unable to get to this site for over a week O_o just said that I was unable to get to this page...every other site worked just fine.. except bellazon. anyway awesome pictures again by everyone ^^ cheers for all of em.
  6. ^^ I might even contribute some pics today..we'll see if I can find the ones I'm looking for but okay, try to have fun at the real world, I just returned from there to come back to the freakshow ^^ hey, of course I support this thread ^^ best on whole bellazon.
  7. penny, you apparently never let me down with your pictures awesome pics yet again ^^
  8. those are my faves that i collected the other nightwhat strange imagery with the older man and woman... theres some story there, though ill be dipped in shit if i know what it is!! lol the pic with the old man aka the fourth pic has so much dramatic impact on me. and that's rare that picture has that dramatic impact on me
  9. i prefer to get off topic quite a bit.. thats when you have the most fun anyways... you and i are the only ones posting anyways we can talk about whatever the fuck we want to. off topic is good yes, and it's a pity this thread doesn't get more attention..either people are not freaky enough or then their just secrectly lurking around this thread -.-
  10. ah must be agonizing! can't really imagine though cause I've never smoked myself, haven't had the need to do so yet
  11. ooh crap those pics are awesome ^^ second and fourth pic are best, definetly
  12. excellent night ^^ drinkin' probably the best whisky I've ever tasted and listening to KT Tunstall at the same time
  13. thanks for the suggestion, but im one of those who can only take the 'girlie' drinksif its got an umbrella in it... im in heaven take some whisky raw and put one of those little umbrellas there ;D works like a charm and you can't notice the difference...after all it has that umbrella ^^
  14. mmhm smoking hot! (pun intented) second and third of those smoking pics are the best ^^ especially third
  15. yep she is wearing suspenders apparently, noticed that too now that you pointed it out :p offtopic: oh god..never ever before have I tasted this good whiskey o_o some Japanese Nikka Yoichi 10 yo single malt whisky absolutely amazing if you into whiskies at all I'd suggest you to try this one ..if you haven't yet ^^
  16. well all are stam except the last one..whom I cannot identify ^^
  17. STAM attack! ^^ cheers for these..even though I already had them. one of my fave editorials
  18. yayay with the pic with the skull ^^ oh oh..and pics with smoking are welcomed ( I hate the whole habit but I think it looks sexy as hell, well...I'm a weirdo)
  19. o_o Stammy will make up for anything ^^ loovely ^^ cheers, penny
  20. liya is worth worshippin' ^^ dropdead gorgeous always
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