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    Aya Jones

    New girl @silent paris Height- 177 cm Bust- 84 cm Waist- 61 cm Hips- 88 cm Hair- Dark Brown Eyes- Hazel
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    General Celebrity Gossip

    I searched and couldn't find a topic like this. Hopefully there isn't one already made But just post general celebrity gossip, this celeb is preggo, this one passed away, these two might be engaged, this one is caught up in a lawsuit, etc. You know, Gossip and news Just keep it civil & kind as possible....I know I for one dislike certain celebs, and opinions should be able to be voiced, I guess just try to keep it from flamming/total and complete hating and disrespect towards the celeb. I'll start off!
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    Babe Streetstyle

    Post pic candids of female celeb/model outfits of their streetstyles you love!!!! I'll start with some I love Miranda Kerr Erin Wasson
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    Natasha Oakley

    Surprised she doesn't have at thread yet. Popular bikini model, but is now more so a popular business mogul and has her own line of swimwear and athletic clothes. Storm Model Management:
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    Nina Dapper

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    Nathalia Ern

    GOORGEOUS Girl With DN Models: http://www.dnmodels.com.br/pt-br/modelos/feminino/item/58-nathalia-ern
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    Elena Matei

    With Elite NYC:
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    Kelly Rohrbach

  9. {name}

    Chris Pratt

    gahhh I love him http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Pratt
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  11. So handsome in those set pics, AHHHH
  12. Ugh I can't wait for that first teaser trailer! I'm thinking it should be here sometime this fall Also Camila commented on Leo's latest Instagram post EDIT a bunch of celebs did!
  13. Thank you all everybody! Can't wait for some Hi-Res set photos of Leo and Brad Finally, movie stuff to drool over!
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    Megan Irminger

    With Supreme Can't believe she doesn't already have a thread
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    Can we talk about this movie though? I've haven't been affected by a horror movie in a long time the way this movie affected me. Still don't know that I'd classify it completely as horror, but a really intense family drama (with typical horror tropes the last 30 minutes of the film.) That one scene following the party. You know what I'm talking about if you've seen the movie. My jaw dropped. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat. Amazing performances all around. That moment let you know you were in for a movie that was completely unpredictable. It's interesting though how some audience members turned on the film and despised the ending. Not enough ambiguity I guess? I thought the ending was just fine, and was refreshing to see a film where you look back, the details make complete sense. Your thoughts?
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    Sahara Ray

    Can't find too much on stats, she has One Management listed as her current agency though. Looks like atm she is generally a free lance model
  18. {name}

    Phoebe O'Hanlon

    With Chadwick Models aka Phoebe O : Size: 8-10Height: 5'10" / 178CMHair: BlondeEye: BlueShoe: 9/40EUBust: 32" / 82.5CMWaist: 25" / 63CMHips: 35" / 88CM
  19. Damn, how many times have we said he looks amazing in grey? Thanks all for the updates
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    Olivia Karina

    a.k.a Olivia K OLIVIA K. HEIGHT: 5'10 HAIR: BLONDE EYES: BROWN BUST: 33A WAIST: 25 HIPS: 34 DRESS SIZE: 0-2 SHOE SIZE: 9 http://www.photogenicsmedia.com/models/women/o/portfolio/OLIVIAKARINA/
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    Bar Refaeli

    Like this. This outfit is perfect and I LOVE IT. Yeah I know it's just black jeans and a white t, but dammit I wanna know EXACTLY what white t this is. I wanna own that
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    Bar Refaeli

    I love her style. @Clauds do you still run barrefaelionline? I always want to know where she gets a lot of her candid outfit pieces from. I would love to know if there is an instagram or a website that ID's her outfits?
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    Makeup Wishlist

    I think I just really want that blue in the KKW palette Also the fact that i've been dying to get my hands on something Mario has been behind. I really wish I got the Anastasia x Mario palette when I had the chance, those colors are stunning On another note, I've had my Modern Renaissance for almost two years now and I haven't hit pan on any of the colors (except for shades Vermeer and Primavera which are getting pretty close). The shades are so damn pigmented you barely need to touch the pan and your saturated with color I haven't touched the pink/red shades though.