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  1. I wonder if we'll see her at all this fashion week.... already half over, and no sign of Behati. Has she stopped doing runway altogether?
  2. Well now that you mention it, I, as all of you, have lost The Game.
  3. I love how she always dresses so conservatively out in public I guess that's what happens when your dad is a episcopal pastor heh And that Princess Tam Tam spot :
  4. I'd be surprised if this hasn't been posted already I could go on with these all day, but I think 1 or 2 a day will keep this thread lively for at least another week or two
  5. No problem! I'm a huge 80's euro guy Here's another oh-so-corny yet oh-so-awesome video:
  6. Sleep is for the weak. When you sleep it only gives us more chance of winning
  7. Well, what i usually do is clear the browser cache, then refresh the page. In the url bar type "about:cache" and it will give you some links. Go to Disk cache device and it will show you the links for everything that's been downloaded to your browser window.
  8. Well i think the FL studio demo version would be good enough for that. It has a plugin called FPC that has some really nice realistic drum samples, and you could even find your own samples to use. The old version of FL has an AiRed version floating around; let me know if you want it.
  9. Good ol' 80's europop
  10. You all amuse me. I am teh winrar :jimmy:
  11. It's so dumb, they would be just as well off if they used german subtitles instead of dubbing it. I'm sure even most German people would want to hear her actual voice instead. ANYWAYS.... She was absolutely adorable as a little girl!!! She actually doesn't look any different now hahaha
  12. :0 *Le sadness...*

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