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  1. What ? So just because some people do not like her, it's a reason to be getting banned ? This is so wrong. Really hope the staff will change their mind.

  2. WTF. LMS is banned ? What is going on ?? Her own thread has disappeared too.

  3. Ok thanks so much !! :)

  4. Thats really nice of you :) I'm better I try to see things in good way, been busy so sorry if I dont have the time to stop by your thread.

    Oh you dont like christmas things ? Me neither !

    And about the comments, dont worry it was long time ago. I think he doesnt like me very much lol. But I guess it was mainly because of that http://www.bellazon.com/main/index.php?showtopic=6386

  5. Hey Jennka ! I'm okay, thanks. What about you ? (lovely profile btw)

  6. You are so funny *rofl*. Congrats for the tweet.

  7. Toderici Nicoleta :). I think she's from deviantart. And yes she's interesting.

  8. Yes I love Susan, left you a comment on her thread.

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