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  1. hii there! welcome to the board! :P

  2. Happy B-Day, girl! ♥ have another beautiful year of your life! ♥ :*:* have lots of fun! it's your day!!! :* ♥ kisses!

    1. Pami


      Tks hun!!! Lots of kisses!! xoxo

    2. SicK As mY SecReTs
  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! ♥ kisses!

    1. Lkjh


      Thanks darling! I followed your party-advice, and Princess is not allowed to punish mee!

    2. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      good girl!!! I'm proud of you!

  4. Hiii!!! welcome to BZ!! glad to see one more Gisele fan here! hehe

    1. gustavsson


      Thanks you so muck Sick As mY SecReTs! I been a Gisele fan since her days at VS (late years 05-06) but really got into her high fashion work in the last 3 years, I know pretty much everything about her work and stuff, she's just so good at what she does!! She a perfect role model :)

    2. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      I also follow her since 2005 ♥

      she's great, a real supermodel ♥ and seems such an amazing person ♥

      ou can call me,SicK, btw, since my name's too long lol

  5. Happy New Year !!!!! whehoooo, wish you all a very happy and peaceful 2013!!! ♥♥♥

  6. heyy, Merry Christmas!! xoxo!

  7. Merry Christmas, my dear! kisses!!!

    1. Lkjh


      Oh, I'm late.. You too baby ;p <3

    2. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      didn't even remember that :P thanks! :P

  8. Hey Barbie, Merry Christmas, hun!!! xoxo

    1. BarbieErin


      Merry Christmas too. xoxo!

  9. Merry Christmas, barii!!!! kisses!!!

  10. heyy, osa!!! Merry Christmas!!! xoxo!

  11. Hello there, Shiny Shine!!!! Merry Christmas, hun, have a great time! kisses!

    1. 'shine


      Hello dearest, Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great day :3

  12. hi hi hiiii and Merry Merry Christmas! xoxo have a great Christmas, kisses!

    1. MakeItCount


      Aw how can I havve forgot to answer this ? Thank you, and Happy New Year :)

  13. Merry Christmas, hun! kisses!

    1. katchitup


      merrry christmas to you too! Hope you had a good one :D

  14. Merry Christmas, Valentine!!! xoxoq

  15. helloo!!!!! Merry Christmas, have fun! lots of love! xoxo

    1. by_princess


      Merry Christmas! Little Sick! have lots of love-food-alcohol! hugs!

    2. SicK As mY SecReTs

      SicK As mY SecReTs

      LoL don't drink too much, girl!!! :D:D

  16. Merry Christmas, ox!!! kisses!

  17. Merry Christmas, hun! stay strong! :hug: xoxo

    1. Pami


      Tks hun!!

      It's really great to count on all of you! xoxo

  18. Merry Christmas! kisses!!!

    1. mz_linz


      Thanks! I hope you had a good one too :-) kisses xo

  19. Merry Christmas!!! kisses!

    1. michelabella


      Merry Christmas Sick

  20. glad to be back!!! Love BZ ♥

  21. heyy!!! :)) welcome to BZ!!!

  22. Hiiii!!!! welcome to the forum!!! :P

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