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  1. I totally understand it, I'm losing the interest too, I kind of force myself to continue liking her as much as before but is not the same anymore
  2. http://www.accesshollywood.com/adam-levine-behati-prinsloo-wedding-to-happen-saturday_article_96751 *cries*
  3. goooosssshhh that Vogue editorial, I hope I'll be able to buy it here
  4. She's looking thinner and thinner each day, specially in that event with the black skirt and the white top, she still looks beautiful as always but it worries me sometimes
  5. I like her eyebrows in that photoshoot, gives her an interesting look
  6. I think the same way, in my opinion she was "perfect" in the VSFS 2011, she still looks amazing now, she always does I just liked her more with brown hair and a little more weight.
  7. hahaha I love her cats so muuuch, the fact that one of them is named "Gollum" makes me love her even more, does anybody know the name of the other cat? A friend of mine told me it was "Smeagol" but i'm not quite sure
  8. aww can't wait till they air the show
  9. Guys does anybody know where can I watch the show live? (online)
  10. I think she looks like a younger version of Meredith Grey (from Grey's Anatomy)
  11. wow I haven't seen her walking for a looong time, glad she is back
  12. she is so beautiful, i can't even
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