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  1. thank you sweety. yours is nice as well :)

  2. hey girl. i am doing ok, thanks! i survived hurricane irene ahaha. just been busy with work. whats been going on with you?

  3. hey girl. thx for helping me out with the pics. but i think i can send you some for my nominees this weekend. i will be off this WHOLE weekend for a change so i can send you pics. thx. and hope you are doing well :P

  4. lol u have a smart ass answer for everything. not knocking you or anything lol. hi *waves*

  5. hey. how r ya? thanks. you too! i had a good 4th. hope u did as well. enjoy the rest of the week :)

  6. Hey. How have you been doing? Yeah, it's spring goign into summer :) Hope you are enjoying the weather. Have a nice holiday weekend :)

  7. thanks hun! i had an ok weekend. was off yesterday but spent all day running errands and shopping for mothers day. today i had work but had fun working lol. can you believe it? hope u had a good one as well. and enjoy your week ahead :)

  8. Hey hun! How have you been? Sorry abt the late reply. Been so busy with work lately. How did your spring break go? I am enjoying the weather. Cant believe it's gonna be May already. Passes by so fast! Anyway, hope you are well!

  9. Hey buddy. TGIF! Have a great weekend. I am working this weekend ( :

  10. hey. i am working as usual. i am so sick of the cold weather. it's spring and it's like winter here. it's gonna snow this thursday. at least that's what they are predicting. and i have a cold. so been sick ( : you're prolly enjoying 70+ degree weather. Lucky you!

  11. hey. thx for sending it again. i dunno what happened the first time! i will get back to you on this one. i ma currently using this green tea acne medication/scar remover for sensitive skin that really works good.

  12. i didn't get anything and it's on!

  13. huh? i am so lost " _ "

    what recommendation?

  14. Happy belated birthday, fellow water sign :)Pisces are cool!

  15. hey. how's it going?

  16. Well, I had to work Sunday so my weekend was pretty much nonexistent. Just had Saturday off and it went by like that. How abt you?

  17. hey girl. i'm from nyc lol and u?

  18. LOL. Yeah, I keep trying to find one that I like. The last one was Natalie Ribiero. This one is Monica Cruz. I'm trying to find a good one of her but no such luck yet. What's up with you? I've been busy with work. And SOOOOOOOOO sick of the winter and cold weather. Counting down to Spring!

  19. I am sad. You never e-stalk me ( :

  20. Hey. Where have you been? I agree with fashion dream. We miss you here on BZ!!!

  21. Hey. Nothing much. Been really busy with work. Really looking forward to spring. Just 1 more month to go! How abt you? Have a fab weekend :)

  22. How did you know I was sick? lol

  23. Hey. Thx. I hope you had a happy Vday as well :)

    And I am happy. It's been no snow for what 2 weeks now? *knock on wood* And it's gonna be 60 degrees on Friday or so I heard. Spring is coming! Praise the Lord lol

  24. Happy Valentine's Day :)

  25. Happy Valentine's Day :)

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