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  1. Surely you canĀ“t judge someone based on how they look on a Baby Phat runway?
  2. That picture is in the Susan Eldridge thread.
  3. Eostre


    So much great stuff posted on her! so glad I found this place
  4. I love Inez and Vinoodh, I think their work always has such life and movement to it. Corinne Day is also great, she brings amazing colours to her work and still it tends to look kind of dark and moody. And Sorrenti is too, he really knows the meaning of sexy
  5. I just started reading the Night Watch by Sarah Waters, so far it
  6. Thanks! I love this photo of Jessica with An Oost (where has she gone btw?)
  7. Thanks! I only just discovered this place, it
  8. Sorry about the size of the first one, I
  9. Amazing girl. I think she might have the closest look to that of the 90
  10. I love those pictures from Strenesse, all the models looked fantastic in that show!
  11. Does anyone have scans of the photos from Doingbird magazine? I can
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