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  1. MyCatJewel

    I Am...

    Already sick of tonight's shift at work and I don't go in for another two hours. -_-
  2. She was a singer I always admired. And I always hated how the media exploited her personal problems and made light of their severity. She must be in a better place.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". I love that movie.
  5. I liked the video, but on mute. I don't like the song, and the video has no connection to the song as it is. If only it were just some short film instead of a video for a loud song with lame lyrics.
  6. Call me crazy, but that dress was terrible. She looked like toilet paper attacked her. But she looked beautiful when performing with Eminem. That should have been her red carpet look.
  7. I love Christina, but the weight she gained in her face made her look so unattractive to me that night. The dress did her no favors though, she needs someone to dress her better. She also needs to quit caking on the makeup and bronzer. But I really agree with what you said on her hair. The best she looked to me was with black hair, I hate this blond drag queen weave she sports.
  8. Oh Lara, why are you so perfect? Here's the editorial she has in the issue, photographed by Mario Sorrenti. And borrowed from TFS (I hope they don't mind!) I love the one where she's in Armani. Cheekbones and lips galore!
  9. I was rather disappointed by her Pirelli shots. I was hoping for more. <_<
  10. Candice was so cute last night. But I agree, that monologue/interview thing after a while made me just go "Shut up!". About 3 times during it I thought she was done.
  11. AH! So beautiful! I can't wait until the rest of the calendar is out!
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