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  1. i think it happens to everyone's favorite model they fade, like leatitia she was my number one girl like i wish i was her and everything thought she was perfect and would be the number one model forever, like but then all of sudden they like dissapear i hate to say this but Adri only has about a year left, two if she is lucky i love her and thinks she is the most beautiful woman alive walking this earth but eventually the stupid fashion people will say that ugly is the new pretty i mean you've seen it now with all the ugly looking models in magazines and stuff, omg! im in tears...
  2. haven't seen much of eugenia, was she even the vic's secret fashion show? shame what is happening to all the good models she is the best one of the past ten years in my imo.
  3. Nouve


    NO!!! Adriana only got three outfits this year? And I hear other newcomers got like four? WTF Victoria's Secret Adriana is the best one! Ewww...................some of them were those pasty ass chicks that don't look a day past thirteen. Izabel imo is ugly looks like a little aneroxic she has nothing special in the face I've seen better people walking around in the mall............ <_< Here's hoping that Adriana will marry the prince to live a life of riches and luxuries, so she won't have to put up with this stupid modeling business. I think we've all come to realize that the good 'ol modeling days are over, you know the ones where you actually had to be pretty, and have an amazing tall body.
  4. Nouve

    Sergio Ramos

    he reminds me so much of my cousin! Deigo!!!!!
  5. oh k thanks i knew the eyebrows were different the nose is sort of the same the lips look exactly any chance you know who the model is? for a second there i thought ana was gonna make a comeback oh well...
  6. There is this new Versace perfume ad, in Teen Vogue i think its ana but im not sure, it looks like her nose and lips but the eyebrows are different can someone post it if you know what im talking about?
  7. anyone knows who this model is?
  8. I think that once she stops dating Leo her fame will dissapear as quickly as it appeared. She's nothing special, she can't do high fashion if her life depended on it. She should just stick to what's she's good at: screwing thirty-year olds and modeling swimwear. What a slut. :yuckky:
  9. So cute, she has an innocence to her.
  10. Limaholics and other people may not agree with me, and that's fine. I'm just stating my opinion here so don't slaughter me. When I first saw Eugenia's thread I was like oh my gosh she's got to be the most beautiful model I have ever seen. I kept on coming on to see pictures until one night I looked through the whole 59 pages (which were the number at the time) and said to myself she's got to be the world's most beautiful woman. And everyone who doesn't think so agian it's just my opinion. I hope she doesn't fall of the radar I enjoy just admiring the perfection that she is.
  11. I don't know wether to lover her or hate her?
  12. I remember a time when models were actually pretty. I.E. Gisele, Tyra, Adriana, Claudia. What is happening to this world!
  13. Looks like a skeleton head to me, ugly. :yuckky:
  14. I don't think she's attractive looks like an ailen to me. :yuckky:
  15. But isn't that a good thing for a model? To potray different person's in every other picture?
  16. She has got to fit every model sterotype: High cheekbones, flawless skin, full lips, tall and sculpted body. That's like Claudia, Naomi, Linda, Cindy, and Christy all put together. Adriana Lima used to be my favorite model, but after seeing Eugenia I realized I was liking cheap stuff. Eugenia rocks! :hell yea!:
  17. I'm a Virgo, so I'll always will prefer classiness to sexiness so Eastern European models have my vote. Their just so much more elegant and classy. Brazilians models are sexy, although Gisele is graceful. No offense to Lima fans out there but she's kind of slutty looking, and seems full of herself. <_<
  18. Looking at her pictures she resembles Sharon Tate, an actress and former model. She was really pretty as is Ana.
  19. Has adriana had a boob job? I read in his website that she has?? http://www.goodplasticsurgery.com/archives/005595.html
  20. I think Ana does. She's the world's most beautiful women screw Charlize, Halle, that bollywood actress, or even Adriana. Ana has more natural beauty and you'll never see someone that beautiful, at least not in this millennium.
  21. I've never admired stick thin figures like Kate Moss. I've always prefered someone more meatier like Gisele, or Adriana Lima. But Kate's just original. She is an iconic supermodel, and the model of our generation. You'll never see that much uniqueness in another model for a long time. This is why I rank her with some of the world's most beautiful women like Ana BB, Charlize, Halle, Adriana, and Tyra. IMO. untitled.bmp untitled.bmp
  22. I've never seen an uglier woman in my life. She isn't even a woman she's a man! :yuckky: :x (N)
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