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  1. Yeah 3X official video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0CIujOyeY8 I hate this song with a passion but the video is kind of dope because of the dancing and it feels like a MJ Pepsi commercial or something. I really wish this kind of music wouldn't have reached popularity in the states but I digress.
  2. He sure is getting naked and close to guys a lot recently. I miss the Pepe Jeans Anthony.
  3. I still love him and his album is not bad at all the way people are making it seem like. Sad that he did something so damn stupid though.
  4. I don't give one damn about Madonna so this is the first time I ever heard of him. He has pretty eyes.. His modeling is more annoying than his actual look if that makes sense.
  5. Hello, I gave you 5 stars.

    Happy Birthday! ^_^

  6. This I know but he is just seeming like he might be. Just a hunch. After digging his modeling for YEARS, I kind of get the vibe that he might be. Either way, I still love Anthony.
  7. MANNER MAGAZINE ( COVER from above link by yahoo.com ) PHOTOGRAPHS BY BELL SOTO
  8. Olympus Fashion Week - Bryant Park (2004)
  9. Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2007 Around Bryant Park Day 2
  10. W Lounge @ Mercedes Benz & Olympus Fashion Week (2007)
  11. MBFW Miami Swim: Ashley Paige For Girls Gone Wild Backstage (2007)
  12. Around Smashbox (2007) - Day 5 Omahyra & Patricia Mota
  13. I believe that's our boy back there, if I can get a better pic then I will....
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