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  1. Ah....I see thank you. Yea I have seen push up bras but didn't know that halter bikini tops like that come with their padds!
  2. Because of her picture in post #26951 from previous page posted by Laura_ ( she is wearing the pink halter bikini top sitting next to Adriana.) I really hope she hasn’t and she wouldn’t…….
  3. She is gorgous, with extremely gorgeous body...<3
  4. Elsa is much taller than Ariana-Elsa is about 1,77(i think)soooo Thanks for replying, yes you absolutely right. I assumed Elsa was shorter than other models, however she is the same height as Alessandra (In an article earlier I read Alessandra towers over kim…..)
  5. Ariana is listed as 153cm, standing next to Elsa (Elsa isn't that tall then.....).........Yes?
  6. Quick question, is she vegetarian? -Many thanks in advance
  7. she can pull off very dark roots with blonde hair, wow! I agree with Elani as well dark hair all the way on Candice.
  8. Oh 5'9" ?! wow, I want to lean toward 5'8" but then again you actually met her in person. I know Marissa Miller said that she was 5'8", but that can;t be because Marisa is much shorter than Heidi in lots of pictures, and now I am thinking Marisa could be around 165....O.O
  9. Mmm I see thank you very much. Do you think her actual height may be around 170 perhaps and not 177? I noticed this when she stood along side Sarah Jessica....
  10. How tall is Heidi exactly? In an episode of sex and the city when Heidi was along side Sarah Jessica Parker , there wasn;t much difference, and Sarah is 160cm.
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