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  1. Can't wait to see what she will wear..Hope to get photos of them together..Maybe L'Oreal will sent them together on red carpet?That would be so cool.?
  2. In this article they wrote that she will be at The L'Oreal Canniversary party on May 24th and also at Amfar on May 25th.
  3. Finally i will have a chance to get photos of Marlon and Barbara together. I waited for this so long...Can't wait to see them both at L'Oreal party and Amfar at Cannes next week.
  4. Guess what?She doesn't learned anything!! I mean c'mon,how old is she!??35???And she has 2 kids,but she acts like some teenager!!She breaks up,and reconcile with that guy every 5 minutes...But that't not the worst parr.She is famouse person with milions of followers but she post it all on instagram like a kid. If she didn't do all that "drama queen" on instagram she wouldn't look like a damn fool right now.
  5. If his net worth is 160 m and her is 50,then they have 210 together,and each on of them would get 105 m.That is how it works. She would not give him anything.She would be in+ She would stay with her 50 m + 55 m from him =105 m.
  6. She is damn crazy if she goes back to him again.Especially bc of all this drama she created on instagram. He just isn't right guy for her.Maybe it's best for her to take a break from dating and focus more on work.And she definitely need to stop going to gym so often.
  7. As much as i know they didn't have prenuptial agreements so they split all their money in 2 halfs,so she got more then 100 m $.But i didn't heard anything about lifetime alimony.
  8. If we talk about money,then Marko is definitely richer then Adriana.His networth is more then 160 m $. I think that problem with Joe was that he didn't know how to deal with her fame,press,fans,all those comments and whole celebrity world.I can see him reading all those ugly comments about him and their relationship and thinks that were hiss head when he was reading it.He's not rich or celebrity,and he don't know how to deal with all that.He was probably reading all those comments and talk to her,like "people say this about me,about us...."It was too big presure on both of them. Marko was popular before Adriana,at least in Serbia,and he played in NBA so was used to comments and those stuff,same like all of her other boyfriends. To be honest i never liked Joe,from the first time i saw him and his stupid tribal tattoos.
  9. Article from Caras Brasil about photoshoot with Candice
  10. ^ No problem.I can't wait to photos from campaign.I'm so happy that she and Marlon did campaign together.
  11. yes,they are shooting Osmoze Jeans campaign together.
  12. He was shooting Osmoze Jeans campaign with Candice Swanepoel in Brazil last couple of days.
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