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  1. Ran across her a bunch when getting Nicola Cavanis stuff from Womens Secret, fwiw.
  2. She's from South Carolina, "the Palmetto State," which has a palmetto tree on both its flag and state seal.
  3. I don't host on gfycat anymore and uploading the videos (there are over 300) is such a pain that someone literally had to pay me to do it (no really it was over Paypal).
  4. They're speculating that she did based on what looks to me like basically nothing (an anonymous forum poster making an unverifiable claim is basically nothing), and also ignorance of how successful (relatively speaking) she was as a singer in Asia before the pandemic; and the fact that when they leaked, she basically stopped posting to social media for a while - which isn't what you do when you're trying to capitalize on a cynical ploy to get famous.
  5. Seems like she's done with modeling and doing [sigh] NFT stuff.
  6. Caroline Gleason Management (ph. Megane Claire) https://carolinegleason.com/women/mainboard/1731647/celine-farach
  7. Very slightly different image from Megane Claire's website: edit: new from Megane Claire's instagram
  8. who is the big tittied hottie in your avatar

    1. Memento Mori

      Memento Mori

      all you had to do was not be gross

    2. Memento Mori
    3. Princesa Daiane

      Princesa Daiane

      love me some semen demons

  9. Why would you assume I have the UHQ version of something I posted and just didn't upload it?
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