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  1. Yes, exactly what I think. I think he looks adorable with those glasses.
  2. You can see Leo in this video eating his lunch with Reza and Milano, girl didn't noticed it was Leo by her side, lol. Around 5:30 minutes. And yes, it does look like Leo wear those glasses to read, cute.
  3. Jonah Hill is already cracking me up, LOL. LOVED this teaser, I want more now!
  4. Sorry, I have not seen the DLU teaser have been posted by ox above, so I edited my post.
  5. I'am not a big fan of Titanic either, don't hate me, lol. I like the movie, love Leo and Kate together, but I'am certainly not obsessed about it and it's ok, not everyone needs to love the movie, but I recognize it became iconic and kind of a classic. Anyway, I prefer other Leo movies, Titanic is probably far behind on my list of fave Leo movies. But yeah, I will have to agree @Jade Bahrthat this movie is about Rose and how brave she was.
  6. This video is new to me, I remember to have seen pics of this award, but not a video.
  7. Just a beautiful pic I found in the article below. https://www.engage.it/campagne/lo-spot-della-nuova-fiat-500-31-ha-come-protagonista-ancora-leonardo-di-caprio.aspx
  8. Omg, this almost made me cry, such beautiful words. No wonder he captivates soo much people around the world, it's not just his talent, but there is something more about him, that even if we know only a few things about him and still we are in love with him for decades... imagine those with the lucky to be close to him and get to know him more deeply. He's really one of a kind. And yes, please, who said this?
  9. This trailer is fake, it's just a compilation of another movies put together with Leo and Jen scene released by Netflix in the beggining of the year.
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