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  1. I see your point about acting styles, but let's think about it this way. The classic actresses had to rely on their ability to tell a story where as today's actresses have help to tell a story (i.e. - special effects, computer aided graphics, ect). Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. I agree about Julianne Moore ( I really like her), she is one of the exceptions and there are very few of them today. All in all, I really only started this post to see who thought was their best and worst for each era.
  2. Birth name: Margaret Yvonne Middleton Date of birth: September 1, 1922 Place of birth: Vancouver, British Columbia Most will remember her as Lily Munster in the T.V. show "The Munsters" Mini Biography Yvonne De Carlo was born Peggy Yvonne Middleton on September 1, 1922, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (while some sources have her first name as Margaret, most agree it is Peggy). She was three when her father abandoned the family. Her mother turned to waitressing in a restaurant to make ends meet--a rough beginning for an actress who would, one day, be one of Hollywood's elite. Yvonne's mother wanted her to be in the entertainment field and enrolled her in a local dance school and also saw that she studied dramatics. Yvonne was not shy in the least. She was somewhat akin to Colleen Moore who, like herself, entertained the neighborhood with impromptu productions. In 1937, when Yvonne was 15, her mother took her to Hollywood to try for fame and fortune, but nothing came of it and they returned to Canada. They came back to Hollywood in 1940, where Yvonne would dance in chorus lines at night while she checked in at the studios by day in search of film work. After appearing in unbilled parts in three short films, she finally got a part in a feature. Although the film, Harvard, Here I Come! (1941), was quite lame, Yvonne shone in her brief appearance as a bathing beauty. The rest of 1942 and 1943 saw her in more uncredited roles in films that didn't quite set Hollywood on fire. In The Deerslayer (1943) she played Wah-Tah. The role didn't amount to much, but it was much better than the ones she had been handed previously. The next year was about the same as the previous two years. She played small parts as either secretaries, someone's girlfriend, native girls or office clerks. Most aspiring young actresses would have given up and gone home in defeat, but not Yvonne. She trudged on. The next year started out the same, with mostly bit parts, but later that year she landed the title role in Salome Where She Danced (1945) for Universal Pictures. While critics were less than thrilled with the film, it was at long last her big break, and the film was a success for Universal. Now she was rolling. Her next film was the western comedy Frontier Gal (1945) as Lorena Dumont. After a year off the screen in 1946, she returned in 1947 as Cara de Talavera in Song of Scheherazade (1947), and many agreed that the only thing worth watching in the film was Yvonne. Her next film was the highly regarded Burt Lancaster prison film Brute Force (1947). Time after time, Yvonne continued to pick up leading roles, in such pictures as Slave Girl (1947), Black Bart (1948), Casbah (1948) and River Lady (1948). She had a meaty role in Criss Cross (1949), a gangster movie, as the ex-wife of a hoodlum. At the start of the 1950s Yvonne enjoyed continued success in lead roles. Her talents were again showcased in movies such as The Desert Hawk (1950), Silver City (1951) and Scarlet Angel (1952). Her last film in 1952 was Hurricane Smith (1952), a picture most fans and critics agree is best forgotten. In 1956 she appeared in the film that would immortalize her best, The Ten Commandments (1956). She played Sephora, the wife of Moses (Charlton Heston). The film was, unquestionably, a super smash, and is still shown on television today. Her performance served as a springboard to another fine role, this time as Amantha Starr in Band of Angels (1957). In the late 1950s and early 1960s Yvonne appeared on such TV programs as "Bonanza" (1959) and "The Virginian" (1962). However, with film roles drying up, she took what turned out to be the role for which she will be best remembered--that of Lily Munster in the smash series "The Munsters" (1964). She still wasn't completely through with the big screen, however. Appearances in such films as McLintock! (1963), The Power (1968), The Seven Minutes (1971) and La casa de las sombras (1976) kept her before the eyes of the moviegoing public. On January 8, 2007, Miss De Carlo died at the age of 84.
  3. Under rated and under appreciated for her acting talent.
  4. This is one woman you can't help but love, not only a great actress but one of the best at supporting our military with the USO. As a former soldier I know what it means to have people like this around.
  5. No one ever or will ever play Cleopatra better than she did
  6. Good ones Ophelia_Immortal, I didn't even thin about Megan Fox. She definably has no acting talent. Not looking to piss off any one with this thread, just wanting to see what everyone thinks
  7. Thought this might be a interesting discussion topic, Please list who you think is the best and worst classic and current actresses. For me: Best: Classic: (tie) Brigitte Bardot & Grace Kelly: Both have all around talent and beauty Current: Diane Lane - Haven't seen a part that she couldn't play Worst: Classic - Don't think there is one Current: Tara Reid - I just don't see any talent in her.
  8. When they say pictures say a thousand words, I think they were talking about Marilyn
  9. She was one of the best to ever grace the silver screen
  10. It was also known as a silver lenticular screen, it is a type of projection screen that was popular in the early years of the motion picture industry, also The "silver screen" refers to classic black and white films before color, so the saying was shortened to the silver screen to reference the classic films
  11. She was under appreciated in every way.
  12. Incredible talent, unbelievable beauty, and extreme class. I think she has surpassed her mother (Jayne Mansfield) in every way.
  13. Talent and beauty, Nothing else to say about her.
  14. 68wolff

    Grace Kelly

    Could you imagine this beautiful woman on the big screen today, class and beauty. She was in a class all by herself, the whole package.
  15. She has incredible eyes, wouldn't take much to get lost in them. Also a pretty good actress as well.
  16. One of the greatest to ever grace the silver screen no matter what she was like in her personal life.
  17. 68wolff

    Lana Turner

    Not only was she a great actress, she was a woman that could melt hearts
  18. Thanks lisa-1, another 3 greats that can be added to any list. Only problem with this topic is limiting it to a top ten, I could easily make it a top 20 or more
  19. Here's my top ten, I would list movies but there are too many that they looked good in: 1. Brigitte Bardot 2. Grace Kelly 3. Marilyn Monroe 4. Lana Turner 5. Elizabeth Taylor 6. Raquel Welch 7. Bette Davis 8. Jean Harlow 9. Raquel Welch 10. Gene Tierney
  20. I actually have 2 top 10 lists: current and classic: Current: 1. Penelope Cruz 2. Jessica Biel 3. Catherine Zeta-Jones 4. Julia Roberts 5. Jennifer Anniston 6. Mariska Hargitay 7. Diane Lane 8. Jennifer Love Hewitt 9. Teri Hatcher 10. Demi Moore Classic: 1. Brigitte Bardot 2. Grace Kelly 3. Marilyn Monroe 4. Lana Turner 5. Elizabeth Taylor 6. Raquel Welch 7. Bette Davis 8. Jean Harlow 9. Raquel Welch 10. Gene Tierney
  21. New person here. Just wanted to say hello and send well wishes to everyone here.
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