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  1. I know she is! I hope she wins too. australiasntm.all-antm.net
  2. Montana Cox Age: 17 Height: 5'10.5" Hometown: Melbourne, Australia source: rtvgames.com She's currently on Australia's Next Top Model...I think she's cute.
  3. Oh, I would love to see more of him...
  4. Woooow...what a stunning face he has!
  5. Is it even legal for one boy to be this adorable!??
  6. I think I prefer him looking a little sweeter than he does in the last few sets of pictures. He does masculine quite well, but it can be a little...full-on sometimes.
  7. Hm...not my type, but there's no denying the fact that he's pretty. Or that he has amaaaaazing cheekbones (like in #11...drooool).
  8. There's something incredibly feline and sexy about this guy.
  9. He's so fabulously beautiful, especially in the first and seventh photos in post #6. Gaahhh, I may be dying over here.
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