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  1. very excited to be back! :3

  2. You are just about my only friend on here! Mwaha. I am just browsing around on here and watching Skins, yourself dear?

  3. Oh god I love Miranda. She's so adorable! I love all the newer models so much to be honest their all just so cute. I actually have a friend who continues to audition for them each year, she's gorgeous so I hope she actually gets it soon!

  4. And Ana Barros of course! She was always my favorite until I discovered Candice, then I fell in love all over again

  5. it will probably take me just as long, im so shy! but im getting used to it as i go along, so many forums and pictures to look at I LOVE IT.

  6. Hello hello! :) Thanks for the welcoming love. Im so lost trying to get adjusted to this site, It took me forever to find this comment button. Haha. :p

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