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  1. Dear readers! Rubi general view is that skillful, but not that comprehensive review. Skillful people have a common point on the shape of the ear. However, some cases do not have the cleverness of this minister. It follows, Rubi want to say specifically how to view the Minister's skillful ear. The readers see and the exchange, as observed in real life. Members that capture the content and then if there is a photo illustration can post up, contribute more to the subject to illustrate text. Độ thẳng-Of stress. Ress the good. Độ dài-Length. As long as possible. Độ rộng-Width. As wide as possible. Độ khép-Of closing. Close as fit as possible. Rubi thank the members are interested in and wish more images illustration from members.
  2. Highlight yes, Rubi offers him Lyon, thank him a lot, .
  3. Pmech Dear! Rubi78 also interested in photography, but I rarely take pictures. Recently, I photographed the city of Hanoi, in Vietnam. They held to welcome the new year 2010, they exhibited "flower city". You and you see, feel what they are please write comment, thank you and other readers. National Library First City Trang-Thi Report Ha-Noi-Moi Turtle Tower The Temple Le Thai To Ngoc Son Temple Tower Pen-Ngoc Son Temple Long Bien Bridge wedding Still more
  4. Hello all members, . I was in Vietnam , I do not know English, you sympathize. I use translate.google.com to media dialogue. Wish you all a happy and happiness, all the comments .
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