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  1. a friend of mine found this picture and we would really really like to know who he is, if anybody knows. i wish i had more information - like a hint at what shoot this is or something -- but we were not given anything but this beautiful picture. so if someone can put a name to this face that would be great! thank you in advance.
  2. she is absolutely stunning! i've been trying to find out who she is for months and months but no such luck yet.
  3. I know the male model in the first picture is Sam Way, and I've tried and tried combinations with his name included to help figure out who she is. If anyone can help, thank you.
  4. does anybody have an idea of who this girl might be? it would be a lot of help! thank you!
  5. err i hope this is allowed? just bumping :3
  6. ahh, yeah, i've tried that multiple times before and there hasn't been any luck so far. but thank you for the suggestion!
  7. hi there! i'm just wondering if anybody could name the model below: she models for review fashion like.. all the time? if anyone can give the name it would be a huge huge help. thanks in advance!
  8. quick question! does anybody know the name of the girl included in a lot of the shoots that sam does with review fashion? here's a picture for reference. thanks in advance!
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