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  1. I changed it coz I've had that Hana set up for a while and I felt I needed a change :) Plus I love Tiiu :wub:

  2. I'll try. I'm kind of lazy atm :| but who would u like in it? :)

  3. I wish I was on that train :O

  4. You break everything :|

  5. You look hot in your personal photo :laugh: :ninja:

  6. Fortunately not :D

    My feet are fine now :clap:

    Have u ever broken any? :)

  7. Cypress did a great job :)

    I'm not up to much. Going to eat soon. I haven't eaten anything today :| How about u?

  8. Vlada :wub:

    I just finished making one for my sister :) she better use it <_<

  9. Already threw a rock in her thread :shifty:

    H.I.T is my #1 :whistle:

  10. Yes it does and so does the first letter of my fav models :shifty: H.I.T :D

    Yes you're right :P I'm good thanks, and u? :)

  11. As always :woot: It seems like Georgia will be the new Snejana for Dom & Stef's shows :O Hopefully I'm wrong coz I love Miss Onopka :wub:

    Let's throw rocks at that person who called her a hooker :shifty:

  12. How dare u burn that bush :persuazn: it was keeping me warm :P

    ps. I think Georgia will open Dolce & Gabbana FW07 :D

  13. I'm hiding behind that bush in the pic :ninja:

    ps. I love your set :wub:

  14. Yay I actually got it right :laugh: :clap:

    Did it happen today or will it happen soon? :)

  15. Yes u should post in Joe's thread :whistle:

    ps. Yay u put the beret pic up :clap:

  16. I've heard about it. Is it a festival or something? :unsure:

  17. I will do it :P It will just take a while :ninja:

  18. It's close enough :p

    How are u doing? Still annoyed that Roddick is still in? :laugh: :P

  19. We don't have our own president. We have a Prime Minister though.

    ps. I love your Doutzen avi :drool:

  20. Thanks :hug: It seems that Tennis + Hana is a big hit on BZ :shifty:

    How are u Alexis? :)

  21. Hope u have fun snowboarding :woot: I'm sure u will.

    I danced till my feet were sore. Actually I kept dancing when I felt a bit of pain :|

  22. Only 2 more years for u :woot: then u can dance all night :dance:

  23. How are u Ali? :)

  24. Yes it is pronounced persuasion :)

    I'm good thanks. How are u Tanya? I'm sure you're persuading everyone with that voice of yours :P

  25. I'm lazy....u do it :shifty:

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