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  1. and that's all you'll be seeing :|

  2. I see a sexy back :shifty:

  3. :rofl: so I have to figure out a way to get u drunk :shifty:

  4. You've got good taste in male models :brows:

  5. essays suck :| *helps burn it*

  6. Yes I am an exceeder :|

    lol u made it your personal photo. Drunk Twister without the twister mat :rofl:

  7. Nothing much. How about u? :)

    I love your new set :heart:

  8. Can I be a bride's maid? :woot: pretty please *bats lashes*

  9. fine then leave *hides tears* :ninja:

  10. You're welcome Bianca :hug:

  11. *perving* :shifty:

  12. *shoves Nicole's face in a watermelon* :|

  13. Jana u have great taste in models :D Especially your top 3 :woot: I just noticed that u started Sydonie Herrera's thread :O She's one of my fav female Frenchies :wub:

  14. Don't leave :cry: What will we do without our Canadian bacon? :(

  15. It's about time u came back :hug:

    You like Adrien eh :clap:

  16. Soyee :hug:

    Nothing much is up. But today I met a Mariusz Smoliński look-alike :woot: How about u? :)

  17. Click on my sig to find out ;)

  18. I have those days too :laugh:

  19. LA looks dead :O That's crazy. It looks like a busy city to me.

  20. Woah that's a lot of posts in one day :O

  21. I'm not up to much atm :/ Just posting and listening to music :) How about u?

    yeah I spend way too much time here :|

  22. Thanks Iliana :hug:

    You're nearly up to 600 :woot:

  23. You rock Alexis :woot:

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