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  1. Glad you love it Bianca.

    The male models that are in your profile are :drool:

    Especially Bemberg, Dufour, Lacrocq, Lauridsen and Opry.

  2. Tiiu Kuik :)

  3. Happy New Year Jeremy :)

  4. Thanks. Same. They should really think about bringing it back.

  5. He is gorgeous. I wish he did more work. Hopefully he will in the future :)

  6. Yeah I took the lazy way out :p

  7. Thanks guys :)

    *hugs n kisses to all*

  8. Good to see another Hard-Fi fan :)

  9. I'm guessing you're Filo because u noticed Adriana holding Boy Bawang :p

  10. Are u talking about Jennifer or Lily?

  11. Thanks Bianca :hug:

    I reposted the Jamison gifs for u :)

  12. Thanks :hug:

    Details in PM :shifty:

  13. You're on the 2nd last page :p I would never get sick of u :hug: I'm an Angeist remember :woot: I might start removing members from my friend list :ninja: only the ones I rarely talk to :|

  14. I don't know why you're on the 6th page :( If I could change the order, u would be on page 1 :)

  15. You're on the 6th page, loser :trout:

  16. Come back :chicken:

  17. get a last.fm account :chicken:

  18. *throws eggplants*

  19. AMBUSH! :chicken:

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