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  1. Does Katja have a thread? She is freakin' goreous.
  2. I work with a girl who I think looks a lot like Estella.
  3. Wow, she's not much older than me .. just by a week. She looks much older than 19.
  4. I think she's pretty, too bad she didn't have much success aside from Cover Girl.
  5. Celebrities get everything for free. <_<
  6. lust

    Tara Reid

    I've always thought she looked cheap. And her implants .. ick.
  7. At my work, we were training a girl who kind of reminded me of Petra.
  8. Thank you! I hope to add Laetitia and Ana BB soon, I've just been working like crazy .. doing some over-time right before Christmas. <_<
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