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  1. Alors, Katie??? On ne r

  2. Ca m'a fait plaisir de t'aider un peu! Tiens-moi au courant! J'ai h

  3. Coucou Katie!!!!

    Je suis contente que tu te sois inscrite sur le forum avec moi! Le fran

  4. Coucou Katie!

    Je t'aime beaucoup :)

  5. Coucou ma Katie!

    Je pense fort

  6. Coucou ma Katie!

    Merci pour ton gentil commentaire sur ma nouvelle page! J'en suis toute fi

  7. Coucou Mehdi! Merci pour ton gentil mot! Je suis d

  8. Et je t'envoie les photos pour la banni

  9. Happy too see you're back! I miss you :) !Hope you didn't work too much or something like that ;)

  10. Hello Blair! I just want to write you a little word!!! Don't you want to write on your personnal page? I would be very curious to know you better. You could list your favorite models (even if I think it's Miranda)...

  11. Hello, Blair! I just want to thank you for your big work on Miranda's thread! You're the best! And I rate you (five stars)!

  12. Hello!

    I just want to know if I can use some GIF about Miranda for my personnal page? Thank for your answer and have a good day!


  13. Hello!

    I just want to thank you for your nice adds on Miranda's thread! And Welcome on Bellazon!

  14. Hello!

    I saw you're from Casablanca! Do you speak a little french?

  15. Hello!

    You went on my personnal page today... and I just want to say you :"hello"! I love your personnal page! It's very beautiful!

  16. Hello!

    Your signature is sooo beautiful! I just saw it in a topic and... I'm jealous :)) Have a nice day!

  17. How are you? I don't read you on any forum these last days! I want you come back :)

    And with a little late : Happy Birthday!!!!

  18. I love what you do on Isabeli's thread! You're the best! And Isabeli is also one my favorit model :)

  19. I love your set! Your signature is terrible! I just write you a little word to say it!

  20. I love your webiste! It's the best on the web! Thank for your work!!

  21. I rate you and it's a success! You win your 4th star! So happy for you! :)

  22. I speak english so bad! Sorry! When I wrote "terrible", I want to say something like : amazing, wonderful! It wasn't something bad! It's just : I love your avatar AND your signature a lot!!!!

  23. I'm so happy you're come back!!! As I'm concerned, I work too much and I NEED holidays. I'm waiting for July impatiently. And you? How are you?

  24. Je voulais juste t'

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