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  1. she looks beautiful in that photo! thanks!!
  2. here's two megan fox sets for @lice and anyone else who wants it
  3. hahaha i know that if i say my true feelings about twilight....the twilight fans will definitely attack me ha ha, but nonetheless taylor and kristen and ashley are perfect for their roles. and about the role of riley i don't remeber a thing about him though i think it'd be weird if channing would play the of riley. ah who cares...it's not like imma watch the movies haha
  4. hahaha well maybe i'm wrong...i saw the movie a loooong time ago...and was partially embarassed to be there, haha. anyways i don't think that was a wig, i'm pretty sure nikki bleached her hair. i still think she looked beautiful in the movie, but ah well we all have our opinions. and yes, that would suck if twilight casted disney stars...hannah montana and/or high school musical, eww, what are they gonna do, like bust into a song in teh middle of the movie or what-
  5. for some reason she looks really short in those pictures, even though she's wearing heels. nonetheless shes absolutely beautiful. i like that sophisticated/classic look on her, though the hair does seem to be a bit over-the-top, but still very stunning. from those pictures i can totally see her posing as like a pin-up model/doll
  6. ^ haha oh that's true about the selections. and i do agree that taylor, ashley, and kristen were the only good actors. i think nikki reed was pretty good too, but it just seemed like they tried to give her a bigger part than how it was portrayed in the book, ah well. haha i like selena cause to me she's pretty much the only cute disney star that isn't on her way of being a ho. and i've seriously wondered how they've met too...i'm just hoping that twilight doesn't start casting those shitateous disney stars in the movies
  7. thanks, she's so beautiful! the whole cast of desperate housewives is beautiful!
  8. Yeah! And they're thinking about putting Channing Tatum to Eclipse! eww are you kidding me? as what?? The vampire who loved Victoria and fighted with Seth in the end. Riley I wouldn't really mind it haha oh, i'm not that huge of a fan of channing tatum...he's cute, but acting-wise...not quite there.
  9. yeah when i heard something bout the two of em i thought they were a really cute couple selena's actually like the only disney star i like, she's so cute
  10. MINE :evil: Seriously girl i love your sets!!! If you can make one with Megan Fox pls haaha glad you like them and of course i can i'll probably make some tomorrow or something
  11. Yeah! And they're thinking about putting Channing Tatum to Eclipse! eww are you kidding me? as what??
  12. ^ haha i totally agree. you can tell she's trying too hard to look 'trendy' and 'older'....but it's just wrong in so many ways yeah those dresses and the one she wore to the oscars were hideous
  13. ^ thanks ! glad you like them !!
  14. thanks and you're welcome !
  15. two adriana wallies i made hope you guys like them!
  16. wow she is incredibly beautiful in that editorial!! can't wait for HQs either! those are some killer heels
  17. i got into making a lot of graphics this week for some reason anyways, i made a wallpaper of rob. hope you guys like it
  18. thanks for the beautiful editorial nerfertiti !
  19. i made a camilla wallie from her GQ editorial hope you guys like it!
  20. i was bored so i decided to make some new wallies anyways here's a few from her editorials, hope you guys like them NYLON editorial Elle editorial
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