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  1. here you go, hope you like it! if you use, please credit
  2. she looked so pretty at the awards! haha, she's so clumsy, it's cute.
  3. here you go, hope you like it if you use, please credit!
  4. ^ haha omgsh the season finale was really really good ! can't wait til the season premiere!! i really can't wait !!
  5. That would be so incredibly awesome, VS!! Thank you so, so much!!! xoxoxo ok here's your set hopefully you like it! if you use, please credit!
  6. youre welcome and glad you like it Liz @ hellzbelle haha after looking at the previous page i realized you had a request ahah of course i can make your set for you
  7. thank you, she looks very beautiful !
  8. well hopefully you like it..if you use please credit! well here's a different one that i made that you can use if you want to. i used one of the pics you chose and the others are from the rest of the editorial
  9. two wallies of ale first one is of my two favorite vs pics and the second is my favorite vsfs outfit of hers in 2008
  10. you're welcome and glad you like it smgfanatic! thanks hellzbelle !!
  11. do as you please haha i can tell and frenchkiki's set you're using is sexy
  12. here hopefully this is good enough if you use please credit me!
  13. here's a couple sets i made of adriana, alessandra, and megan anyways, anyone's free to use
  14. here's a wallpaper i made awhile ago, hope you guys like
  15. yeah it just looks like two friends hanging out/walking around if it was a date wouldn't he have his arm around her or something of that sort? anyways i like those sunglasses on him haha
  16. why "oh my god"? anyways how cute, they're dressed very similar
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