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  1. here you go hope you like it! if you use, please credit
  2. edward norton is an amazing actor! loved him in american history x and he was great in pride & glory too. to me he's way hotter than a lot of younger male celebrities these days
  3. haha yay 19! thank you :)!

  4. alrighty then anyways love the maxim editorial, hopefully new pics soon?!!
  5. ^ haha well the whole storyline was pretty eh, but i liked it cause of the computer graphics since the graphics in the first one was good too. plus my best friend wanted to watch it cause of shia haha but i think megan's acting in the recent transformers was better than the last one
  6. ^ so care to share the irony?
  7. ^ same here. it's refreshing to see a new hot popular celebrity who isn't hungry to be the center of attention. thanks for the new pics!
  8. ^ i totally agree with you so beautiful and not the typical hollywood skank
  9. i agree it's a beautiful set you made, gonzalez girl !
  10. ^ i agree, angelina is incredibly beautiful! so exotic looking she's my favorite person to draw because of her beautiful features: full lips, cheek bones, eyes, etc... thanks for the beautiful pictures!!
  11. seriously, great body you should see the second one! it's great! the graphics are amazing! and megan looked hot as always
  12. loving the new pics!! who the eff cares if megan got plastic surgery. and if she did why should that seriously change your opinion about her or be very judgmental? it's the 21st century and it's hollywood, celebrities get plastic surgery and things done left and right, why should it be so surprising that megan got her nose and/or lips done? we shouldn't judge someone just cause they decided to get something surgically done, judge em because of their shitty personalities and such. and i agree with moiselles frenchkiki, you crack me up and might i add that's a very sexy set of megan
  13. ^ haha and the others who were arguing with phenobarbie too let's all take a breather and relax and enjoy megan's hot pics anyways my friend told me they're gonna make a third transformer movie. hopefully it'll be good too, cause the second one was surprisingly good, seeing as how most sequels are pretty sucky.
  14. ^ thank you! the arguing was getting SOO annoying! anyways i just saw transformers 2 and it was great! haha megan looked incredible and she was actually great! in the first one i didn't like her so much cause she wasn't very good, but she definitely was great in the new movie thanks for the pics, she looks beautiful!
  15. katherine's so beautiful AND talented!! if only grey's anatomy were a movie...she'd definitely get an oscar ha ha. but seriously, i'm sure she'll win an oscar one of these days. thanks for the new pics! she looks gorgeous!
  16. i love bette midler! i always watch hocus pocus on halloween and i love her on there !
  17. ^ hahaha me too. i used to like and read the books, but now i wonder why i ever did. but kristen is very pretty, thanks for the new pics!! gonna go buy the new allure issue when it comes out
  18. ^ same here, it woulda looked cute with pumps, but to me it's more of her style to pair chucks with a hot-punkish type dress
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