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  1. ^ haha true true. maybe if the high-waisted undies morphed into like a thong or low-cut panties...it woulda been cuter
  2. thats for sure. gisele had the best runway walk, esp in 06. but nonetheless, i do agree. there are other beautiful models i love seeing as well
  3. haha youre welcome and yay! more wallies haha
  4. haha glad you like them! and yes she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL! the victoria's secret fashion shows just aren't the same without her
  5. haha glad it fits well yeah my desktop's like yours too well made another one using some older pics. from the 06 VSFS in her stewerdess outfit despite what others have said about it, i always thought it was a really cute outfit
  6. and one more from the 06 vs pink carpet event LOVED her gown!
  7. here's a wallpaper of gisele using her 06' vsfs pics i liked this outfit...actually i liked this section of the fashion show cause all the outfits were really cute anyways here!
  8. so i LOVED her pictures in her stephen webster photoshoot, so i made a wallpaper. hope you guys like <it's my wallpaper at the moment >
  9. nothingless, you make such BEAUTIFUL wallpapers! please make some more for us
  10. haha youre welcome, gald you guys like them and memories i'll make some wallpapers in the size you want too
  11. another one from adriana's VSFS 05 outfit it was one of my favorite runway outfits of hers!
  12. ^ you're very welcome michelabella! and thanks so much
  13. hahaha yay glad you guys like them!!! and thanks!! ...i'll make more later then haha
  14. ..and one more using adriana's BEAUTIFUL vs lingerie pics DEFINITELY my fave collection of pics of hers. anyways here's a wallpaper hope you guys like it!
  15. soooo it's been awhile since i've made wallpapers haha so i made one from adriana's BIOFIT candids hope you guys like it!
  16. thanks for the beautiful pics everyone!! adriana looks more and more beautiful in every picture!!!!
  17. i am now a huge fan of rihanna haha don't really like her songs much...cause they're kinda...ehh. but i LOVE her sense of style. she's so unique and insanely beautiful! she has a beautiful figure too; tall and very statuesque- mainly cause she's not deathly thin; but instead curvy with a little meat to her haha--
  18. ^ omgsh she looks so beautiful! i hope/wish someone has a better quality of the pic!
  19. aw thanks sweetie :)

    wow...it's been a really REALLY long time since i've logged into this forum :P

    it's nice to be back- haha

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