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  1. i didn't really have time to take a look at all the runway pictures before the actual show, so from that i was pleasantly surprised by the show.

    though i have to admit, the models should learn from maryna (i think that's her name), she had a fierce walk and never overdid anything by the little kissy faces, pointing, V-shaped arms in the arm, pumping arms, etc. those are really annoying, which is why i absolutely hated 2007's show. overly enthusiastic models.

    but i did like this years. although i was disappointed by the fantasy bra, yet again. other models' outfits in the heavenly bodies segment stood out a lot more, and they didn't even narrate/talk about the fantasy bra!! candice's voice is sooo.....boring. why on earth would they make her narrate stuff and not talk about the fantasy bra.

    i think katy perry was an excellent choice for a performer!! i loved her 'firework' song and i actually loved that they ended the show with the pink segment. the outfits in the pink segment are always whatever, but for me its always fun and energetic (even though the girls are over the top with their energy) but it's such a fun/cute segment.

    but anyways the music was whatevs, but went pretty well with the themes of the show segments. anyways hopefully next year's will be even better!

  2. ^ haha i can see that

    i think the outfit she wore to the eclipse premiere in antwerp would have been better if the white dress was strapless or something, cause i like the belt but not how 'conservative' looking the dress is :p

  3. i like her bikini, but she's so tall and slim. i think this kind of bikini might be more flattering on a more curvy woman like katy perry or something :p

    nonetheless, she's so beautiful! thanks for all the pics!!

  4. I do prefer her with a dark brown hair vs this flat black. and wow RED is amazing on her :heart:

    when did she have red hair?! :ninja:

    i think michelabella's talking about the dress.

    megan looks gorgeous in red.

  5. i love the dress megan's wearing but i think really low cut dresses look better on people who are more flat chested. i think it looks classier when there's no cleavage, ahha.

    but anyways thanks for the pics!!

  6. BTW: Rosie's character is confirmed.

    Transformers 3 (2011) (filming) .... Mikaela Banes

    wtf?! Can we say RETARDED move on Bay's part? From Megan to Rosie? Seriously?! Kinda a slap at both woman, sorry.

    I'm starting to think Rosie's char might be killed off in the first 20 mins of the movie, or she'll have almost no screen time.

    :no: I kinda feel bad for Megs

    yeah when i heard rosie was cast, i was honestly like wth :blink: ?!! i'm a fan of rosie's but she has more of a sweetheart kind of look/character/personlity while megan is more on the sexy side.

    but i don't really feel bad for megan that she wasn't cast. i mean after her hitler remark and the other nonsense she said about the transformer movies and the director, if i were michael bay, i wouldn't welcome her back with open arms, ya know. but i do feel that megan fit the character more than rosie...

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