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  1. haha yes secret embrace bras rock! ahah the mall is right across the street from my house so i go to VS a LOT and spend like 83742687364 dollars just buying bras & other "intimates' :P haha and makeup too! i love that store! yeah i have 3 secret embrace bras, i have the satin light blue one a beige one and a black one :P i love all of them! ahha

  2. thanks so much!! i had such an awsome birthday :D!

  3. haha yayy~~ you sang me happy birthdya!!! and yes i finished my birthday...cupcake :P hahah

  4. haha thanks cypress! woo you know...i have the same birthday as your brother! what a co-in-ki-dink :P haha

    welll anywyas THANKS CYPRESS :P!!

  5. thanks fool! :P haha

  6. thank you PIINKY!! :P haha

    i had an awesome birthday!! and you were the first one to say happy birthday...i think :P haha thanks again!!

  7. thanks :)!!! i will soon make more :P haha

  8. haha yay 19! thank you :)!

  9. thanks :D!! yours is beautiful too! jessica alba is gorgeous!

  10. haha happy late valentines day to you too :P haha. sorry i replied kinda late...computer was down. but now it's up and i can make ore wallies and sets :P! ahha i'm so happy!!1

  11. haha thank you! :)

  12. haha tha'ts true :)! and yes i've made more sets of the VS angels :P ahha just check out the pre made sets and i made a bunch :P haha

  13. yay glad you like it :D :hug:!

  14. hahahah! well there uhh will be :P ahah. i'll make some more of gisele cause she's so gorgeous and awesome :P!! :yes:!

  15. haha yes. well on my birthday my sister and her friends and my 2 cousins took me out to eat @ this cute cafe for brunch up in the beverley center, then we went to take those "cue" asian sticker pics :P haha then we went to my cousins' house and watched alpha dog (i love that movie :D :P) then we went to a hookah bar up in LA and stayed there for like 2 hours or so smoking hookah :P hah

  16. hhaha my favorite angel is adriana :P then oit's alesandra then gisele then izabel then karolina and selita are tied

  17. hahah hey :P! doin what i alwyas do making sets and wallies :P aha

  18. haha i don't know, maybe but nontheless croked nose or not she's still gorgeous :P ahah along with the other angels ahah

  19. thanks matt for your birthday wish!! yup 20th b-day, still a little young-in ;P

  20. thanks for the birthday wish :D!!

  21. heyyy thanks so much for the birthday wish!! and most definitely i will be partying it up on my 21st next year ;) haha

  22. thanks for the birthday wish :)

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