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  1. Hehe... I love that icon from my earlier post. Oh, and... *grabs Jude and runs* :evil:
  2. ...has anyone he looks a bit like Tom Hanks? Like...a much cuter, much younger version. ...you're right. I deserve a beating for that comparison.
  3. Thank you! I love Paul Walker - and not only for his AMAZING face and body! I loved him in Fast and Furious. Don't hate! ...appreciate
  4. I got a picture!!! He is a STUD MUFFIN. Of of his highschool days, and the other with the lovely Annalynne.
  5. i would just like to point out, to alot of you not only alba, who think this is Pete.. it is NOT Pete Wentz. i see it on alot of slideshows and google and stuff but im such a pete freak i can tell it isnt him, the nose isnt the same, pete doesnt have a lip ring and if you tilt your head a little you can see it isnt him. just so you guys now Oh, my gosh... You're right! And his eyelashes almost look blonde... But, that might be lighting. Besides...you can tell 'cause Pete's hot, and he's not.
  6. :yuckky: It's so hard to find pictures of her... But I shall prevail! Nationality - Canadian Place of Birth - Calgary, Canada Date of Birth - August 4th Agency - IMG Zodiac sign - Leo Teensy bit 'bout her! The Canadian invasion continues thanks to Kelly Streit's impeccable eye at Mode Models, the same agency that put Heather Marks, Julia Dunstall and Jamie Lee Johnsen in every notable fashion Rolodex. The blue-eyed Leo Aleisia Arkley is the latest to hail from the Great White North. In just a few short months the Canuk from Calgary has come in from the cold to heat up many a magazine. Watch for her in a forthcoming Italian Glamour. Oh, and the last three photos are of her in Glow October/November 2007
  7. She looks a tiny bit like Blake Lively. I think I deserve a cookie...
  8. Hey, just wanted to say hey to a buddy!!!! I demand she joins this epic site.
  9. Ronaldo Arrest Thing OH MY GOSH!!! Dx He's innocent, I tells ya!! Besides, I doubt he would do such a thing... Or at least I hope. (sorry for how late this is )
  10. That is something you will never again hear a man say! Though I definitely agree...they don't look natural at all. :yuckky:
  11. Anyone know who that man was in most of the previous posts? ...he was cute.
  12. I'm not liking, but I'll help. Date of Birth 31 January 1959, Golden Valley, Minnesota, USA Birth Name Kelly Ann Lynch Height 5' 9" (1.75m) Mini Bio Kelly Lynch was born in 1959 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She started her acting career with a small job at the Guthrie Theater. She studied under acting teacher Sanford Meisner and became a model for the famous Elite Modeling Agency. She first gained acclaim for acting in the Gus Van Sant film Drugstore Cowboy (1989). Lynch earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her role in The Beans of Egypt, Maine (1994). She recently finished filming the 20th-Century Fox film Homegrown (1998), co-starring Hank Azaria and Billy Bob Thornton. Trivia She has a daughter named Shane, born in 1986. Turned down the Sharon Stone role in Basic Instinct (1992). Former John Casablancas model who was discovered on an elevator. Attended the Guthrie Theater Drama School, at the world renowned Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Niece-in-law of Sidney Glazier and Tom Glazer. Best friends with Sheryl Crow Worked briefly as an airline stewardess prior to becoming a model. Daughter of Barbara Jean Dingmann and Robert Edward Lynch. Present Spouse Mitch Glazer - Married in 1992
  13. Some more of the lovely Annie in Friday Night Lights and Supernatural... untitled.bmp untitled.bmp
  14. I'm surprised she doesn't have one yet...(or at least I hope she doesn't ) Adrianne Palicki Full Name: Adrianne Palicki Nickname: Annie Height: 5' 11" (1.80m) Date of Birth: May 6, 1983 in Toledo, Ohio Mini Bio: Adrianne was born in Ohio and graduated from Whitmer High in Toledo. She didn't take the stage in her first play until she was a sophomore at Whitmer High School (where she was runner-up for homecoming queen). While in high school she played basketball and ran track. Her parents still live in West Toledo. Trivia She worked at Togo's as a sandwich maker when she first got to LA. Was a runner-up for homecoming queen at Whitmer High School. Ranked #79 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list. Attended Whitmer High School and graduated in 2001. Has a tattoo of her parents' names - Jeff & Nancy on her arm. When I lived in New York for those three months, I needed to see a play every week, because eventually that's where I want to end up. Personal Quotes I think the character of Kara in Smallville was a little different from the one in the comic because her motive is different. She's not evil by any means whatsoever, but she does come to Clark for a specific reason. She doesn't really have a sense of right or wrong; the morality isn't there. My psyche has been very impacted in that there are moments where you're, like, 'Do I really want to do this?' Though I know in my heart this is what I really want to do, the question was: would I enjoy the process itself? I would love to do Broadway, I don't think there's anything more amazing than theatre. Okay, Supergirl is number one. Maybe I could be Supergirl on Broadway! That would be perfect. In all honesty, it's unbelievable to get these roles. You work so hard when you're trying to be cast and to get a guest role on a low budget show would be a dream come true, but to be able to do these two shows and play these characters, there are no words. I am so lucky to have done them. We had a fight scene that was amazingly well-choreographed, but then Mr Woo came in and said, 'Very good, but do this,' and he goes in there and starts fighting. It's just amazing to see John Woo kick alien ass! It's not something you get to see very often. Actress: In Production 2000s Breaking the Girl (2011) (pre-production) Red Dawn (2010) (post-production) .... Toni Elektra Luxx (2010) (post-production) .... Holly Rocket Legion (2010) (completed) .... Charlie "Titan Maximum" .... Clare (4 episodes, 2009) - One Billion Dead Grandparents (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Clare - Mercury Falling (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Clare - Megamum Overdrive (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Clare - Busted (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Clare "Supernatural" .... Jessica Moore (4 episodes, 2005-2009) - Free to Be You and Me (2009) TV episode .... Jessica Moore - What Is and What Should Never Be (2007) TV episode .... Jessica Moore - Bloody Mary (2005) TV episode .... Jessica Moore - Pilot (2005) TV episode .... Jessica Moore "Robot Chicken" .... Cynthia Rothrock / ... (3 episodes, 2007-2009) - Maurice Was Caught (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Cynthia Rothrock / Scarlett O'Hara / Molly / Guest - President Evil (2008) TV episode (voice) .... Diana/Girl - Moesha Poppins (2007) TV episode (voice) .... Princess Leia Organa / Rainbow Brite "CSI: Miami" .... Marisa Dixon (1 episode, 2009) ... aka CSI: Weekends (USA: promotional title) - Dead on Arrival (2009) TV episode .... Marisa Dixon Women in Trouble (2009) .... Holly Rocket "Friday Night Lights" .... Tyra Collette (50 episodes, 2006-2009) - Tomorrow Blues (2009) TV episode .... Tyra Collette - Underdogs (2009) TV episode .... Tyra Collette - A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (2008) TV episode .... Tyra Collette - The Giving Tree (2008) TV episode .... Tyra Collette - Game of the Week (2008) TV episode .... Tyra Collette (45 more) Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II (2008) (TV) (voice) .... Padmé Amidala / Jessica "Winter Tales" (2007) TV mini-series (uncredited) .... Mistletoe Girl (2007) "South Beach" .... Brianna (7 episodes, 2006) - The S.B. (2006) TV episode .... Brianna - I'll Do What I Want to Do (2006) TV episode .... Brianna - Who Do You Trust (2006) TV episode .... Brianna - Every Day Above Ground Is a Good Day (2006) TV episode .... Brianna - I Want What's Coming to Me (2006) TV episode .... Brianna (2 more) Seven Mummies (2006) .... Isabelle Aquaman (2006) (TV) .... 'Nadia'/Siren Popstar (2005) .... Whitney Addison "North Shore" .... Lisa Ruddnick (2 episodes, 2005) - The End (2005) TV episode .... Lisa Ruddnick - The Ex-Games (2005) TV episode .... Lisa Ruddnick "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" .... Miranda (1 episode, 2004) ... aka CSI: Las Vegas (South Africa: English title: informal alternative title) (USA: syndication title) ... aka C.S.I. (USA: short title) ... aka CSI: Weekends (USA: promotional title) ... aka Les experts (Canada: French title) - Formalities (2004) TV episode .... Miranda "Quintuplets" .... Jessica Geiger (1 episode, 2004) - Love, Lies and Lullabies (2004) TV episode .... Jessica Geiger "Smallville" .... Kara / ... (1 episode, 2004) ... aka Smallville Beginnings (USA: rerun title) ... aka Smallville: Superman the Early Years (UK: promotional title) - Covenant (2004) TV episode .... Kara / Lindsey Harrison The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004) (TV) .... Judy Robinson Getting Rachel Back (2003) (as Annie Palicki) .... Rachel Rewrite (2003) (as Annie Palicki) .... The Pretty Girl Self: "Last Call with Carson Daly" .... Herself (2 episodes, 2006-2009) - Episode dated 31 March 2009 (2009) TV episode .... Herself - Episode dated 24 November 2006 (2006) TV episode .... Herself
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