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  1. thanks for the bday greetings lyon... *kisses*

  2. thanks MATT for the bday greetings!!!! i miss you...

  3. no worries... thanks for using it :) take care...

  4. at home :p lol... i'm in my hometown, i work here so life's a bit boring but the good thing is i get to save up more of my pay ... how are you anyway? not heard from in a while :)

  5. hi theron! i added you to my friends...hope it's ok *hug*

  6. i love ur ava!!!!

  7. hey francy! thanks for the bday greeting...appreciate it a lot and sorry for the late thank you, i got sick... take care...

  8. thsnks for the bday wih michael! *hug*

  9. thanks for the b-day wish sweetie!

  10. thanks for the greetings lyon...! take care...

  11. thank you Bi!!!

  12. thank you matty! *hug* miss you!

    btw, who's that on your ava? smokin hott!!!

  13. sobra ka naman!! hahaha!!! love and mis yah!!! :hug:

  14. thanks for greetings sweetie :hig: miss you !!!

  15. you know me too well *shifty*

  16. happy birthday cyp! :kiss: though it's a little late :ninja:

    what did you do? ran around in your bday suit? :shifty:

  17. HEY BIANCA :hug:

    i miss you !

  18. i love ur new avr *drool*

  19. ur welcome Null :hug:

  20. :cain:

    *turns marshies back to stone and it's irreversible*


  21. i added you :hug:

    take care ....



  22. *throws stones endlessly*


  23. i'm doing great! *flashes pearly whites*

    still busy?

  24. maligayang araw ng mga puso princess!!!! muah!

  25. happy day of hearts Ania! muah! take care always!

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