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  1. hi anybody got this in better quality? i croped this long time ago from vs site, thank you!
  2. Izabel is shooting VS pijamas
  3. no, this is Miranda's good friend Liesel. and not a nanny.
  4. she has little oily nose and forehead. as well blackheads on cheeks and forehead. u can see this on some hq pics. but it doesn't matter. nobody is perfect. i am obsessed with skin haha so i see every deficiencies on people's face. photo, u can see what i said: tcc
  5. i believe miranda is not taller than 172, but it doesn't matter. she is a great model! love her life! and between us- models who are "high towers" arent pretty.... im also 173cm and i dont wanna be taller. miranda, candice and ale have a great height at all.
  6. she has that oily face i believe. well, nobody is perfect.
  7. read this it will help u to know how tall miranda is. Miranda is at IMG. My friend who is a model is about 170cm too, but at IMG she is 177cm. IMG loves to add cm. !!!!!!!!! Modeling agencies often lie and increase the height of models that are shorter than 5'9 and reduce the height of the models who are 6'0 or more. And happens a lot that models with we see with different height are listed with the same height. But I don
  8. does anybody of u have a pictures with izabel and alessandra from new years eve? i dont know what year, but izabel had short ivory dress witd deep neck. thank you!!!!!!
  9. sweetie, miranda is 170cm. everyone who met her can tell the same check out tfs.
  10. I don't like her very much but in that pics she looks incredibly gorgeous. for me, she looks absolutely not attractive as a brunette, but holly amazing as a blonde, i love candice now!!!! she's a goddess, i am glad that she decided to dye her hair!
  11. That she does! :drool: perfect body and boobs, like never before
  12. 177cm? not possible, she's much smaller than adri and erin. hm... in the beggining of her career she was 170 as i remember. im just confused abou her real height.
  13. can somebody tell what is her real height? but please not from an agency page, they always adds cm/inches.
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