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  1. Amazing! You're the queen! thanks so much!
  2. Anyone know who this beautiful blondie is? I got an email from Dolls Kill for their collab with Sugar Thrillz and I'd love to know who she is. She seems new, I've seen a lot of the Dolls Kill models and never noticed her before. They seem to get most of their models from instagram so I imagine she's on there somewhere
  3. YOU'RE A SAVIOR! ❤️ Thanks so much!
  4. Can someone please, PLEASE let me know who this beautiful boy is? 😭 thank you! https://www2.hm.com/en_us/productpage.0557247021.html
  5. The best i could find was this: http://un-titledproject.com/armstrong-editions/ It seems like maybe just a one-shot photo taken by the photographer David Armstrong? It may be the photographers friend? I can keep looking. It says the names of the models beneath the photos. It seems that his name is "Justin".
  6. You image is showing up as not found! ):
  7. Bump? One last try. Haven't checked up on this for over a year.
  8. She is absolutely stunning i think, and i adore her freckles. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it! Second file is a separate girl, another beautifully freckled girl. (:
  9. Very anxious to know who this is as well!
  10. Joe Slaughter Please feel free to click on the thumbnails, the original pictures were massive and I didn't want it to stretch the screen! I can't believe he didn't have a page yet, he is incredibly handsome. More pictures to come! Actor, Model, Dancer Actor: CSI: NY (2009) Step Up 3D (2010) The Bold and the Beautiful (2010)
  11. I would really like to know too. I'll definitely be on the look out for her!
  12. Here is a much larger version of a few of her pictures.
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