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  1. They posted her Revitalift campaign two months ago. As for the rest of my answer, I am taking it to PM.
  2. I think it's pretty obvious why she wasn't there. But she's still listed as an ambassador on some of their pages (not the French one though).
  3. I find it funny that they fired nearly all the Angels but rebooked Bella.
  4. Victoria’s Secret scrubs the Angels from its stores in revamp (nypost.com) The post is actually less clear about who will go than Breitbar made it sound.
  5. So not a L'Oréal kind of sitch? Then again, considering some of the choices, it makes sense, I guess.
  6. I think you meant done not good. Or I don't understand.
  7. Or maybe they lost the rights. Like in this video Gisele's and Daniela's faces are never shown so that VS doesn't have to pay: And re: white wall, they probably do less location shoots because of COVID-19 travel restrictions.
  8. Nobody really knows. It seems like Jasmine, Taylor and Sara are still in, Romee may still be on maternity leave and Candice still works for them here and there. Either way, the Angels as a concept seem done.
  9. It seems VS wants to distance themselves for the Angel term for whatever reason *cough*Ed Razek*cough*. They will obviously hire new spokesmodels (heck some of the recurring ones they already use may have that type of contract) but the won't call them Angels. The VSFS is also gonna stay dead, at least for a while, IMO.
  10. Indeed, this I can prove. Anything that is wet dries itself while making you wet when you touch it, which as you pointed out, is what water does, so yes, water is wet. Something dry does not get you wet. 🤓 Any further question?
  11. So Candice is still getting booked, huh ?
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