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  1. Happy birthday to Stephanie! Continuing the "rare V.S." theme, here's an original scan of an image that was out there previously at a much lower quality. Fall 1993, Victoria's Secret, 28.5 MBs UHQ.
  2. Stephanie for Victoria's Secret, Autumn 1993. My scan. This photo appeared on the cover of one of the "special edition" catalogs that were only sent to V.S. customers who ordered frequently.
  3. Amazing work! I use the same software w/ same settings and also spend a lot of time retouching/cleaning up in Photoshop. I noticed there's a bug in the version of VueScan (9.x) I'm using, where the descreen filter doesn't cover the entire image (leaves a border around the edges that's not filtered). I've been manually applying the minimum amount of gaussian blur to remove the halftone pattern, which is more accurate for preserving detail.
  4. Yeah, and I guess the Angels had served their purpose and we're totally played out (just like the V.S. fashion show), but I'm not a fan at all of the new direction V.S. is taking. The ideals of female aesthetic beauty and "sexiness" are not going anywhere, so if V.S. no longer wants to carry that torch that's fine - no shortage of other outlets happy to celebrate that kind of beauty - but it's such a complete reversal of their whole image that I could see it not working out. "Go woke, and go broke."
  5. Ralph Lauren multi-page ad, my scans, not sure of the year
  6. V.S. 1992 or 1993, my scan. I love that outfit.
  7. Not a new image to this thread, but my scan/edit, and hopefully the best quality out there of this beautiful cover.
  8. My scan. V.S. 1992 or 1993. Had to spend a good amount of time in Photoshop joining the two pages.
  9. I just scanned that image on the right yesterday and was going to post! I'll post it anyway because I spent some time trying to make it perfect. I also scanned a bunch of other images from V.S., editorials, and ads. A lot of them are images that have been seen before, but these will be my super HQ scans
  10. You rock! Thanks so much. Is your scanner by any chance one of those scan/print/fax combo type machines? Something looks funky even at the higher resolution. The best quality is with a dedicated flatbed scanner. The one I used I actually got for free from a friend, and the only issue is that it's not very big. Depending on where you are you could probably find a used one really cheap. The tech hasn't really changed or improved much in 20 years as far as I know.
  11. Thanks! It's her photos inside that catalog that I would really like to see again. Do you still have it?
  12. Is it one of these? The one from 1993 is a giant file, the other two are high res but smaller. Forgot resolution since I scanned them a long time ago.
  13. I would love to see the one quoted above (Stephanie Seymour with Charlie Haugk) scanned at 400dpi or better. She looks so beautiful there. She looks great in the German catalog you scanned - I wonder how much catalog work she did that is now lost to the ages. I had the Spiegel 1992 (giant) catalog at one time, but I let it get thrown out, which I know regret. She had tons of photos in it which I've never seen since. This one:
  14. You'll thank me later, trust me! Here's another post from a few years ago with my scans, and in the post I said "600 dpi, no blur or descreening," which is maybe overkill, but no doubt the best quality: One more:
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