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  1. Yeah that is my system,. I idle around 22C and get to about 27C under full load with liquid cooling :evil:
  2. islanq


    WOW this girl is crazy hot (Y)
  3. islanq


    She's pretty hot but damn, I thought she died, haven't heard any music from her in a long time. She should be in the "has-been" sections
  4. She's so hot for a black chick (not that I'm racist, my GF is asian) but I just don't seem to find the many black women attractive. I think it's a coin toss between her and Tyra Banks.
  5. She is so much hotter then her little sister "Ashley" :evil:
  6. this girl is smoking hot She can't take Lima's place though :evil:
  7. LimaX (Y) I think i'm going to enjoy my stay here
  8. I was just wondering what the average age of our members where here @ LimaX so I can kind of guage our members.
  9. This is the best site to get hot girls on you wall paper! Wouldn't you all agree?
  10. Wow such a warm welcome from you guys
  11. islanq


    Wow, bring on the boobies
  12. Wow, I like her, she kind of has that Spanish fly look
  13. We need to find Adriana's e-mail and tell her to visit. That would be so cool
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