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  1. A dvd ''The 3 caballeros'' I hope it arrives soon, I'm so bored
  2. People usually tell me I smell like sandalwood and jasmin Today I'm wearing Maxmara
  3. 10 for Zhenya ofcourse :Dinah:
  4. 6 (I really dislike Rihanna but the colors are blend great)
  5. Could anyone make me a set with pics from Alessandra from the VS show? It doesn't matter which pictures, as long as she doesn't pull strange faces LOL and my nickname not on it, please
  6. Could anyone make me a Alessandra Ambrosio set with 1 animation in the signature? The avatar doesn't have to move. And my (nick)name doesn't have to be on it. It can just say Alessandra or ''Daisy''. Just a flashy signature, would be really nice and it doesn't have to be really big or anything.. A little like the one of falloutgirl55, but thinner.. I would really love a cap from this video 01:25 till 01:30 (if its easier to make the whole siggy out of animations, feel free to add some of Ale. I'm trying to figure out what's the easiest for whoever makes it) Many thanks in advance
  7. omg i love rosie in your avatar

  8. Thank you soooooooooo much! I've seriously searched for this everywhere! Thanks!
  9. That's awesome and FLV works fine for me !
  10. Yes, please I would really, really appreciate it if someone has a tip where I can find it or something I'm searching for it everywhere
  11. I have a request, please. Does anyone have the Mona Johanesson commercial on rapidshare or yousendit, It would be greatly appreciated. I´ve found the commercial before, but now I cant find it anywhere
  12. omg love yr avatar...So sexy!!

  13. ^you're the best thank you
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