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  1. Hi! I see you like Bali, where did you heard about her for the 1st time? :)

  2. Pix

    Thank you! :D

  3. Pix

    Si soy nuevo... la verdad en todo esto de los foros, esta es mi 1era vez ^^ ... De donde eres?

  4. Pix

    Hola! hasta que al fin me encuentro a alguien que hable espa

  5. Pix

    What would I give for going to Brazil? .. lucky! ;)

  6. hey I can't look at your avatar! I'll sound so ridiculous, but it actually made me blush! hahaha really! Is her name Abbey Lee?

  7. Pix

    Costa Rica and you?

  8. Pix

    Wow.. u r so welcome. I would say that's the most productive thing I've done in this blog since i'm a member though :)

  9. Pix

    Thank u so much! Five stars 4 u 2 ! ^^

    PS: Loving the eyes in your personal photo! lol

  10. Pix

    Hi! Yes! I really really like him!... he's so perfect! I love the combination of a sexy body with an innocent angelic face.. and Francisco is all about that, so :D

  11. Pix

    Yes! I asked azure for help too, lol. I love Sasha in your avatar, from which campaign is that?

  12. Pix

    Thank you so much!... Hey you know what? Du Juan looks so much a like to the bad girl of Memories of a Geisha! ... i love her! :D

  13. Pix

    You're welcome! :) .. Actually sometimes I'm kind of lost here, this my first "blog experience" haha... and yes! i was talking about the pic "being reduced" by Bellazon!.. I can't post big pictures! :S

  14. Pix

    Yes! Hi!... I like your profile a lot! I didn't know Du Juan.. she's lovely.

    PS: Hey.. can you explain me how to post a big image? Every pic i posted changed it's origan size :(

  15. Pix

    Hi! I've see that you post very large images sometimes without being reducted.. how can i do that? :S Thank u!

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