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  1. i love your website ;)

  2. Your nickname sounds delicious lol!

    Love your sign by the way :P

  3. Happy Birthdaaay! ^^ ... distrufalo muxo , party like a rockstar .... y quien sabe talvez te encuentres a Ryan Taylor x ahi =P lol

  4. Pix

    I guess that sometimes I like to admire the best from both worlds... XD

  5. Pix

    sooo accurate! .. i read it every new year's eve, it's a lot of fun =D

  6. Pix

    Really? Well a lot of my relatives are monkeys (that sounds so weird lol).. so I know your sign very well ^^

  7. Happy new year! :P

  8. happy new year!

  9. Happy new yesr francisco mate! :D

  10. Happy New Year! :)

  11. Happy New Year to my Francisco mate! lol ... wish u the best :P

  12. Pix

    Happy New Year! wish u the best! :)

  13. Pix

    Happy New Year!!:... wish u the best , thank u 4 the cool attitude :D and I hope this next year will bring even more friends ;)

  14. Pix

    Happy New Year!.. wish u the best.. I hope nest year will bring to me a trip 2 Brazil lol

  15. Happy New Year!... wish u the best :)

  16. Happy Birthday! :D

  17. Thank u sooo much!... :D

  18. God! Who's that girl in you avatar pic? :O !!!!!! :drool: lol

  19. Pix

    I'm glad you like it :D , Jon is amazing! I can't wait to see that movie! Have u seen it?

  20. Feliz Navidad! que la pases bien con toda tu familia y un saludo desde aqui donde esta tu otra familia lol

    Enjoy! ;D

  21. Merry Christmas! :hug: I hope u enjoy it very much.. and my present 4 u is another hug from the distance ;D

  22. Pix

    Thank u!.. Merry Christimas for u too!.. I hope you enjow this day with all the people u love :)

    PS: And I don't know if I really want a guy 4 xmas lol ;)

  23. Hi again!.. Thanks 4 the chance :) . Please check if it is ok now? :S

  24. quiero ver la peli tambien! I want to see Jon in action!

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