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  1. Pix

    chico sandia pasate mas seguido por BZ q nos tienes aqui todos abandonados ja lol... :@

  2. :wave: hey! so long no talk, tell me something new about u lol ... how r u? :P

  3. :wave: hey! how r u? ^.^

  4. Bueno x lo menos ya no me siento tan solito en mi deficiencia jaja ... empecemos a comer pescado a ver si acaso.. dicen q es bueno XD

  5. lol :D... con muchos numeros! noo sirve para mi... tengo memoria de pollo jajaja

  6. wow.. well i'm glad the real u is back now :P ... i never right down my passwords anywhere, so if i forget one, maybe could complicated... but i'm more afraid of someone finding them :S

  7. don't worry about that hunny thank u very much! was a great day ^.^ , but how come u were hacked? i hope everything is ok now.. do u know who was it?

  8. Pix

    Thank U mate! ^_^ , u r the first person in the planet wishing me hb ,

  9. Pix

    welcome to bellazon, :) i think i've seen u in model hommes and tfs, u r from spain right?

  10. Pix

    Who's in your avi =O

  11. Pix

    Happy b-day little monkey i hope u enjoy this day n the rest of your year! (a hug from the distance) ^.^

  12. yeah actually it is, and wow congratulations!, today april the 1st... you've been officially 2 years here making great contributions to BZ, and know as a mod and everything, who knew? ^_^

  13. *blush* haha my bad then!.. wow i didn't know her, she's indeed amazing, what a face :O

  14. how flawless is that last pic! the one after the dancing asian your have there lol... is that karlie?

  15. Just added u 2 my friend list :D

  16. tottaly know what u mean.. i love Gemma too, too bad she wont come back :(

  17. Your taste in models is just lovely ^^

  18. solo pido para q el dolor q lo haya hecho tomar su desicion.. no lo atormente nunk mas

  19. me siento exactamente igual, todavia no lo puedo creer... hoy la industria de la moda perdio su mas grande artista.. y el mundo perdio a un genio.

  20. I'm fine too! :) ... do you know what happened with the system here? i couldn't access yesterday :S

  21. Si soy de Costa Rica! que dicha alguien mas para hablar en espa

  22. I'm fine :hug: . Why do you want to change you're name?, i like it! :P .. now i adore your Adriana pic :blush:

    I'm Diego btw :wave:

  23. I love Ale in your set! :)

  24. hi! how are you? :)

  25. Pix

    Happy B-day :hug:

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