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  1. Adriana


    Well, for the next one, I'll be a bit more specific... please! Find me a photo of Snejana Onopka, Sasha Pivovarova and Abbey Lee Kershaw together. They don't have to be hugging or interacting between them, I just need the 3 of them in the same photo. tia!

  2. Ok, is not a secret for anyone that Anna and Camille are very good friends, but are they more than just good friends? ... I was looking for new pictures of Anna, and I found a picture from a very restricted blog (called "the L chat" or something like that) which of course I have no permission to access, but it seems that there's a conversation in which the members from this blog discuss that apparently the girls who appear to be kissing in this photo are Anna and Camille, what do you guys think... could this be true?



  3. OMG!!! She got a new haircut! and she looks HOT as ever! I think short hair gives her an edge... :cool:

    BlackBook - June/July 2011

    Editorial: Savage Grace

    Santiago Sierra - Photographer

    Christopher Campbell - Stylist

    Kenshin Asano - Hair Stylist

    Ingeborg van der Does - Makeup Artist

    post-35411-0-1446134307-50898_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134307-51458_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134307-52937_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134307-54969_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134307-56336_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134307-5736_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134307-58406_thumb.jpg


  4. Not a repost! thanks :flower:

    where did you get that one?

    ... it looks like she's very very close with Camille, have you seen the A&F ed where they cuddle and kiss each other? (I really need a scanner to post it!)

    Well, sometimes I wonder if they are a couple or just very good friends... I mean, every single event Anna goes to, she takes Camille with her...

    I wouldn't mind if she likes girls... but I really hope she doesn't! :laugh:

  5. U r welcome :flower:

    Here, the full version of L'Officiel ed... the quality is kinda crappy tho.

    L'Officiel Paris - May 2011

    une pointe de zabriskie

    Photogaphy: Mason Poole

    Style: Vanessa Bellugeon

    Make-up: Tsipporah Liebman

    Hair: Michael Long

    Models: Anna Speckhart and Ryan Curry

    post-35411-0-1446134280-94581_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134280-97048_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-15987_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-31858_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-48348_thumb.jpg post-35411-0-1446134281-62564_thumb.jpg


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