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  1. Pix

    TY my dearest! :DDDD

  2. did you recive my pm?

  3. Pix

    haha lol, well... so PM your email and that'd be it. :)

  4. Pix

    say that to me.. but I still try to find some few minutes to relax reading blogs I like, otherwise I'd be a crazy person rn lol... how como u r not a memeber @ tfs? u r such a lovely poster with a great model taste... please don't have any doubts about askig me to send you an invitation whenever u want... you'd love it there ^.^

  5. Pix

    lol, yeah I kinda miss that too... but since for a while now male models are not wowing me that much, I stopped visiting that zone of the forum... and also I'm starting to like tfs's vibe better... are u a member there btw?

  6. Pix

    Nice to read Lyon is fine... College is kinda killing Pix's free time, but he's still kind of alive lol...

  7. Pix

    Aww thank you mate! so long no talk, how ya been?

  8. Maui I've been recieving strange e mails from u lately... like offerings of shopping websites and strange links.. it's not u right?

  9. Pix

    Heey! yes I've been away for ages! I'm pretty fine , how are you??

  10. Pix

    Aww, hi :D .. I've been my missing BZ cool mates too :P .. how are you?

  11. Thank you for your last post in Anna S pics, where did u find those pics?

  12. Hola hola... pues la verdad yo tampoco me he estado metiendo muy seguido aca jaja... yo he estado bien, vos?

  13. :wave: todo bien y vos? :) ... yo aca muriendome de calor jaja. vos donde estas en colombia o L.A?

  14. i like your avatar hahaha.. she and Adriana were the only cute looking girls in that Louis Vuitton casting picture lol

  15. Hmm.. unos fans obsecionados x un modelito ahi de los male models de aqui (no tienen mucha importancia la verdad jaja) ... como t digo, ya ksi q nunk posteo en esa zona del foro

  16. Todo bien tambien :) x dicha... Y creeme, entiendo demasiado eso q decis de la gente dolor en el culo, hay como un grupito x aqui q me cae en las bolas... en realidad ya solo vengo aca para postear en el thread d Anna y para saludar a las personas q me caen bien como vos :)

  17. Pix

    no i was not booing with that intention.. :( i don't want 2 scare u anymore :hug: , the pizza incident was good enough :shifty:

  18. Leahita porque andas tan desaoarecida? jaja hace tiempo no te apareces ni por el thread de Anna! haha, como has estado? ^_^

  19. Oh.. well i was going to add u there too ^^ , but if u don't use it maybe it won't be very useful haha

  20. No prob then .. just wanted to know if u are 2 at tfs? :P

  21. Hmm.. that's strange, 'cause I have responded all of your e mails.. which was the last u sent me?

  22. yes it was a good day :P... i'm fine too, glad u r doing alright ^^

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