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  1. bluejay


    They look really happy together! Thanks for posting.
  2. She looks lovely! Thanks for posting! I especially like the last photo.
  3. After seeing the pictures of them that were taken on a public beach, I think they look really happy & make a charming couple. And I agree, best of luck to them!
  4. bluejay


    I like the dress but I don't like the ribbon & flower she has on it. Maybe if it was smaller? She seems cool though.
  5. bluejay


    Hi, Sarahhh & welcome to the board!
  6. I like Erica & I'm glad she's on Smallville. I listened to the cast commentary on the Smallville dvd & it sounded like she, Kristin & Allison get along really well.
  7. bluejay

    Amanda Bynes

    Thanks for posting all the pictures! They did that 'we are giving out the 2nd award of the night bit.' I thought it was kind of strange but thats what the writers wrote for them to say.
  8. bluejay

    Alexis Bledel

    Thanks for all the pictures! Has GG been cancelled or was it renewed?
  9. bluejay

    Mila Kunis

    It will be interesting to see if her career takes off or tanks now that That 70's show has been cancelled.
  10. Thanks for all the caps! I love Smallville.
  11. bluejay

    Eva Longoria

    Thanks alot Miwa for all the pictures!!!
  12. bluejay


    I think many people under estimate Petra. I'm sure she can take care of herself. Just look at what she's accomplished & what she has survived. That says alot about her!
  13. bluejay


    They look happy together.
  14. bluejay


    After seeing the pictures of them on the beach, I think they make a really cute couple.
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