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  1. Madeleine


    Thank you soo much everyone for the videos But I just wondered, can you find those videos on youtube and google video and stuff? Because my computer is really slow and it takes hours to download the vids from rapidshare and stuff :S Thanks!<3
  3. cutebunny121!!!<3 Thank You soo much!!
  4. thank you soooo much cutebunny121!!!!!
  5. wow, those are lovely induna! But I wondered if anyone knew the url to her homepage? Where there are pictures of her when she was a child.. ? Thanks:)
  6. I'm not sure if this is a repost.. ? But isn't she cute!
  7. Is this a repost? if so, sorry! It's a picture of her as a child
  8. Thanks for all the lovely pics! But has anyone seen the picture of her when she was little, maybe 6 years old or something. I saw it in this forum a time ago, but can't find it.. does anyone know? Thank you<3
  9. WoW Induna, you rock at making icons!! They are really cool!
  10. I have two cats and one chinchilla
  11. Your Brain is 66.67% Female, 33.33% Male Your brain leans female You think with your heart, not your head Sweet and considerate, you are a giver But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!
  12. I live in Norway..my summer cabin is close to sweden, so we usually go shopping for food in Swedenin the summer vacation because it's sooooo much cheaper food there
  13. 9! Very nice colours and cool =)
  14. Madeleine


    I live in Norway, and there is almost never any sun here anyways, so if I travel I tan, but I use SPF, and I also love to sunbathe in summertime! But not too much, I have naturally tan skin so it's okey. And for those who don't tan at all and use tons of sun block, that's not healthy either, the sun has tons of D-vitamine, and it is healthy for the skin in a proper amount. You don't have to use sun block all the time to keep your skin healthy, in sunny days SPF 15 is great, that is if you don't stay in the sun for hours. Everyone needs a bit sun, even though many are afriad of how they are going to look when they are 50, but isn't it better to look great when you are young? Only those who sun bathe everyday without sun screen look bad when they get older.
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